Review: The Crown, Amsterdam, 13th December 2009

Recently I went sarging with Sasha in Amsterdam. It was awesome. Last year I saw Sasha speaking at the Real Man Conference. Sasha is a comedian and that was very obvious in his presentation. It was funny. He gave all kind of examples of crazy shit he does in the field. However besides being funny I had no idea about his pickup skills and insight in social dynamics. After the weekend sarging with him I can say that this guy really got good game. His insight in the social dynamics is very, very good.

I always hear pua’s saying that day game is actually easier than night game. But because of my sarging with Sasha I found out that day game is in fact a whole different dimension of game. Tim from RSD said in one of his programs that he never pulled a girl from the street right into his bedroom. Sasha said it happens sometimes. A friend of mine did a bootcamp with another pua company. In the club the instructor was ok but on the street the student had to show how day game needed to be done. Therefore being a good club game pua doesn’t mean you are a good day game pua. Being a good day game pua means you need to have a whole other insight in social dynamics.

Here a description of my experiences:

Sasha really doesn’t care about social conditioning. He does all kind of crazy things. The first set I saw him doing went like this: He sprinted up to a girl and opened her playful direct. His energy level is quite high. After a couple of sets I became really impressed by Sasha’s game. A girl threw away a can. He told me to open her (HBcold) and tease her because of this. However the girl reacted quite cold and I got blown out. I reopened her but she still wouldn’t talk. Then she encountered a girlfriend HB(bi) and Sasha tried to open the two-set. He found out the girls were actually lesbian. Sasha was having lots of fun and HBbi was enjoying it very much. HB cold was standing there and didn’t say much. After 2-3 minutes Sasha made a remark that he has male boobs. He took the hand of HBcold and put it on his boob. Then he said something about touching her and actually grabbed her boob. It thought OMG that’s heavy! But Sasha told me he could get away with that because her friend, HBbi was having such a great time. Therefore social pressure existed and HBbi could not act bad. It was really calibrated very well.

We opened some difficult sets. For instance we were looking all the time for girls on the phone. These sets were really hard because you need to be calibrated very well. I also tried a super large set (6 girls) which was actually hard, and mother and a daughter set. Furthermore Sasha taught us how to open girl on bike and girl with guy sets. These last sets Sasha finds out within 10 seconds if they are together or not. If not then he immediately starts hitting on the girl, making the guy stand a little hopeless.

Actually we had so much fun. A girl was taking a picture of a girlfriend. Sasha sprinted grabbed the girl. He hugged her. The set opened really well. The girls were having a fantastic time. Nothing is too crazy for Sasha. He opens everything. In the beginning Sasha told me there was something wrong with my way of opening. I wasn’t dominant enough. He taught me that and we started to open each other. It was a crowded place and people were looking at us. Then I started to open sets again. Suddenly a guy started to talk to me about what we were doing. At first we thought he was the boyfriend, but that was not the case. We had so much fun. It’s strange that once you do a couple of sets suddenly you don’t care that much about anyone anymore and everything goes well.

It is fantastic to know how Sasha uses social pressure into his advantage. He actually comes in direct and uses the pressure of other people nearby. People who are looking. Sometimes he even makes clear to the people surrounding the girl that he is there because he wants to pick her up. Because he finds her so cute. Therefore he makes it clear to the girl that he is not affected by social pressure and he shows that he is able to handle that very well. This is in fact what mystery does but on an advanced level. The result is a high attraction spike. Sasha is able to do such things in the train, bus, subway etc. This is so cool.

Another interesting thing was a HB who was opened by the student. After a couple of minutes the conversation was over. Then Sasha opened the girl. He actually told her what we were doing. He told her about the pickup community. About his coaching. About developing a skillset to pickup up girls. I thought OMG now she is going to freak out, but she acted very positive. She thought it was supercool! She even told that it was one of the best pickups she had ever experiences. Normally guys talk to her with all AFC things. This week she was approached 5 times with really bad things. And it always goes like that. She said how we approached her was really great. She wanted to know everything. About the community. About Sasha’s business. Then I started to approach another girl. And the girl was like: wow that guy is really good. I want his facebook. And Sasha thought something like: wait till you see me. Haha. Fact is that we all have zero competition on the street. When you become good at pickup on the street you can get every girl.

Sarging with Sasha was really cool. The guy is very committed to teach everything. The time we were in field was actually much more than initially agreed. He gave lots of bonuses. I would say if you want to take a bootcamp to learn day game, choose an instructor with lots of experience during the day. Day game is something completely different than clubgame. You need whole other social skills and insight in the social dynamics. Take a coach who has been going out a lot during the day. Sasha proved to me that he got very good social skills and insights, and he’s a great teacher.

-The Crown, Amsterdam, 13th December 2009


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