Review: Sven & c00|, London, 12th December 2009

The other day I took a Sasha bootcamp with my regular wing C00|. We have put together a little review to let you know how it went!

First, a bit of background…

We have both been in the game for 2-3 years now. We have done a good number of sets in the past, both daytime and night, and have both had the occasional success story, although none of us are consistantly successful. These days I have a few women in my life whom I can rely on for friendship and more, so I tend to not get out sarging much. I must admit I have also seen it as a bit of a chore lately. C00| were in another situation – he just came back from half a year abroad and is looking to get back into the game. I think his primary sticking point is simple AA, perhaps related to beliefs about what can be achieved in various situations.

None of us are affiliated with any PUA business, but we have been to other PUA companies’ events in the past. Actually I think I have been to most of the boot camps, like Mystery Method, RSD, Juggler, LSS etc etc.

Back to Sasha: Originally we met up with him when he offered to do workshops for charity, so we got a preview of his offering for a beneficial price. We liked his style, so we decided to go for the complete bootcamp. This was paid for at the standard price that he offers for the LSS. Sasha did not, however, ask for money until we were well into the bootcamp. He said we were free to pull out without paying, if we did not feel it was going right.

Totally we spent some 10 hours with Sasha, split across three days. This all took place at day time and we were the only two students during the time.

First we met up in a coffee shop, got introduced and had a little chat about our background and sticking points. But soon we hit the streets – as Sasha does not believe that much in sitting still and doing theory.

The first day was mainly centered around a park and a shopping centre. Sasha demonstrated by opening set after set what is possible. He was opening like he has no time left in his life!

In each set he managed to get past the hook point, make the girl comfortable and number close around 70-80% of the time. All this would happen in a matter of less than 10 minutes.

So the man is for real. At day time he is one of the best I have seen before my eyes. This was an inspiration for us – seeing is believing and believing is key to the game. There is a lot of inspiration in just being around a guy like this. Mind you he only opened girls who were smoking hot. Indeed he inspired us to ignore girls whom we do not seriously like, and look out for the real cuties. This alone was a bit of an eye opener.

What makes this guy unique is that he is a professional comedian. He is using these skills in his sarges. This means he knows how to make people laugh, and there is a saying, “if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything”. Nuff said. He taught us how to make women laugh!

Throughout the boot camp we opened sets in a variety of settings, including parks, shopping centers, coffee shops, book stores and the tube. We learned to use openers that are fun, playful and trigger a laugh. We also learned how to follow it up and eventually go for the phone number.

Perhaps the most memorable part was the tube sarge. Even before we started he was entertaining two hotties on the platform. Later Sasha would be scanning the tube for hotties and once inside the tube we would move from one carriage to another. He teached us how to open in various situations – on the platform, in the carriage, standing, sitting, etc. We both got to experience that we can do the same as him.

I am going to try and point out a few things that make him different…

1. Sasha demonstrates and gets you to open in any situation. Situations you would not dream of opening! It has to be seen to be believed. An example would be a hot girl walking down the street – the other side of the street. Now I know what to do. Girl listening to her iPod? No problem. Talking on the phone? Done deal. Supermarket? That was always a challenge for me, but now I can do it.

2. We believe Sasha has something unique to offer that no other bootcamp offers. This is keeping the interaction fun and keeping the PUA as well as the woman laughing and enjoying the experience.

3. He took us to, quite possibly, the very best places to sarge in London. And no this did not include Leicester Square!

Finally we were given homework to do between the sessions, and pointers about what to focus on in the future. We also got brilliant comments on our reports from sets done outside of the bootcamp.

We have since been able to open better and keep things more fun. We are no comedians but we have noticed a change in our game. My wing has taken on new beliefs about approaching, and I got the inspiration back to come back to the tube and the other places armed with the knowledge and understanding that he gave us. Not to forget a fun little device that was included with the boot camp and which can prove most useful if kept in the pocket..!

We think this was excellent value and would recommend it to anyone who wants to move forward in the game. If you struggle with AA, this guy can help. If you wish to get better at day game, it is a no brainer. If you think having fun should be an important part of sarging, there is no comparison. Thank you, Sasha!

-Sven & c00|, London, 12th December 2009


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