Review: Sharan, London, 24th January 2011

Around a year ago I went Sasha’s bootcamp. I learnt how to approach girls on the street and build attraction by being myself. Shortly after this I got my first lay from a girl I met on Carnaby Street. I continued sarging getting more experience and then went to Asia for a few months.

I met so many cute girls on the street in my first few weeks that I stopped approaching. My hands were full with 3 regular girls and a few others I’d occasionally hook up with when I had time to fit them in. I didn’t need to approach anymore – or so I thought.

When I returned to the UK I was empty handed. No regular girls here. On top if it as I’d stopped approaching on the streets – my AA has returned. I told Sasha and he stuck me on his anti AA refresher. 3 hours of doing careful crafted, tasks to help you not give a fuck.

Every day since then, I’ve got at least 1 number from a girl on the street. 2 of which I’ve dated and slept with!

Thanks Sasha for restoring me to my former glory!

-Sharan, London, 24th January 2011


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