Review: R, London, 5th December 2010

I worked with Sasha on direct day game and it was honestly a transformational experience for me. I didn’t have AA and I know about opening, transitioning, qualifying and comfort etc., but he taught me when it’s good to be funny, and how I can be way more open, honest and sexual without worrying about being creepy.

I went from essentially practicing indirect night game using basically MM3 with a few alterations (which I’m pretty good at), and literally overnight I’m now completely comfortable OPENING by telling a girl I think she’s fucking hot. Thank you Sasha for giving me those kind of BALLS.

I highly recommend his programme to anyone of any skill level. Day game is great because it’s (i) Free, (ii) Fun, (iii) Honest, (iv) Gets you laid, (v) Gives you tons of confidence.

I won’t “guarantee” you results, because that’s stupid. But, if you want to have a really fun couple of days with a hilarious, fun guy who knows what he’s doing and can help you get results, I would get in touch with him. If you look at his prices, the other big name day game programmes (some of which cost $3,000 and most of the time is sitting around in a seminar with 8-10 other people learning theory). Sasha’s is a third of the price, it’s mostly in-field, and there’s only one other student present. Great fun, great value, great results. TRY IT!

-R, London, 5th December 2010


UPDATE – 6 months later:

After struggling with indirect methods for over TWO YEARS, with very few results to show from it, I finally made the decision to get this part of my life handled, and took a bootcamp where I learned the incredible value of being direct. Since that time, I’ve consistently been on 2, 3, sometimes even 4 or 5 dates per WEEK, and currently have multiple long term relationships with three women simultaneously, all of them my ideal type (and formerly would have been considered “out of my league”). I’m living a life that, only a year or so ago, would have been an absolute FANTASY, and I owe it all to the power of the direct mindset.

You might think that my results are an anomaly, and that “most guys,” maybe without the previous experience I had, would not be able to get such incredible results simply from changing their mentality. However, I have met several of Sasha’s students and many have had similar results.  If you’d have told me I’d have multiple girlfriends before taking Sasha’s bootcamp… I don’t think I’d have believed it. But I do now!!! Thanks SASHA!!”

-R, London, 1st June 2011


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