Review: Pablo B, Buenos Aires, 12th December 2009

When I decided to start Sasha’s seminar I didn’t know what I was about to find. Its almost a year an a half than I got involved with the world of seduction and pick up artists and all that stuff and I thought “what new thing could this guy teach me?” But my good friend Ginger told me, Sasha is one of the top players in the world, and he specializes in Day Game, so you MUST start his seminar.

Now, almost a month ago since I started it, I can say that I really learn a lot of things, not Theory, (besides he taught us two hours more or less of theory) but Practice (what really matters). Just the way of moving, the way of approaching girls, and his particular sense of humor (which I consider really funny, and a really key to pick up girls).

I think he is one of the best day gamers in the world. And honestly recommend his seminar, especially the practical side, that is Sasha’s strongest point and honestly my weakest point (hope to improve it within the months).

The more I see this guy sarging, the more I learn, its incredible, I could say that the seminar never stops when you share anything with him, because you always have something new to learn.

Thank you for everything Sasha, hope to find you again playing in Palermo and I’ll go to your next stand up show here in Buenos Aires.

– Pablo B, Buenos Aires, 12th December 2009


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