Review: Nevermore, London, 2008

1on1 with Sasha, over a period of 3/4 weeks. I was busy with work so Sasha broke down the sessions into smaller pieces. Sasha took me out and teach me some theories and technique and let loose on the town chasing after chicks until we dropped for 2 weekends. We worked on sticking points on the weekdays between the weekends.

Things I learned:

* Direct openers during day/club

* Spontaneous funny on-the-spot situational opener – I like this a lot as it’s more fun and feels more natural because using the same direct openers get kind of old if you sarge as much as I do, day2’s are my only rest days! (we sat around and watch people and try to pick out what’s funny about them)

* How to escalate sexually after openers

* The fucking massage technique…it rocks!!!

* made me realized that some of my touching/kino during sets was creepy and sometimes supplicating

* how to be in state all the time (I just imagine a grown man, Sasha, skipping after a piece of ass like a little girl)

* How to be fun and bust on girl

* How to banter

* The “Vibe” being non-outcome dependant

* The formula for opening and hooking

My goal before the bootcamp was to be able to open anything/anywhere. Lighten up the AA. And most importantly be able to incorporate this into my daily life so that I can do this alone without a help of a wing.

After 3/4 weeks: I’m comfortable walking on the streets alone and pickup, tube, bus, chicks sitting near the window of a restaurant, chicks eating, mixed sets, and never pass down a chance to hit on hired guns. Even when the sets don’t hook, I still didn’t look weird/creepy, it was just flattering to girls that I’m chatting them up. Most importantly I have lots of fun doing this now without having a wing to laugh at the mistakes I make.

I was able to bounce a chick during the day on Southbank back to my place. Bounced a chick from a bar to hers and put it in her ass (see LR for detail). I realized I could do these things now and the sky is the limit!

Overall I would definitely recommend people to hang out Sasha and take this bootcamp. The price is a great! I GOT LAID!

-Nevermore, London, 2008


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