Review: Laban, Sweden, 13th January 2011

Hey Sasha. Here’s a little review from me.

The first thing that came in mind, when taking the bootcamp, was the power of not caring. It was not only something that was told to me- it was shown as well by Sasha and Marcus. And after that I did what they did, and they were right-being a non-caring dick is the best way to reach your true self and destroy your ego. My ego that’s been keeping me from approaching girls!

What I liked the most was the fun, playful and goofy vibe that was going on all the time :) That’s the type of vibe I always have wanted to achieve. And guess what, I’ll get it by approaching girls with the mindset that it either goes really well- or it’s going to be a funny story to tell. That’s it :) And from that I will progress. This was a big realization for me and it was taught at the Sasha and Marcus bootcamp! My beliefs are destroyed! But as Sasha and Marcus both said- the AA will come back if I’m not continuing to push myself. That’s the important part- to keep approaching.

My goals with the bootcamp was to learn how, and by doing, destroy AA. And now, I have been doing and I know how to do destroy it.

The conversational skills I learned during the bootcamp is by theory. They’re not by heart, YET. It’s going to take practise for that to improve in my skillset.

By looking at my goals before the bootcamp and now, after, I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations.

Now I’m able to continue my PU adventures!

Thanks guys. It was really an amazing weekend. Love

-Laban, Sweden, 13th January 2011


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