Review: L, London, 05th December 2010

Ok so December the 5th, Sunday i was out on a sarge with Ryan and his other student, we met at a cafe just to relax, meet each other, know more about each other and he talked us through more in depth yet kept it simple and brief about what we were going to do that day, and how it all worked; so i was quite nervously excited and eager to start and hit off straight away

So we started off with a little session of just fun and games, and completely destroying both our AA’s, I didn’t realise why we were doing these things other than thinking “ok, so were doing this just to get into a good light mood to set off” then today it hit me, he didn’t tell us but it killed my AA and I’m assuming his other students too, it was great and just so fun… cant believe I don’t do this on a daily basis!! haha

We hit off doing things i would NEVER do to women at least not without that mood set Ryan got us in, he would literally show us how its done without even asking and he has some huge balls.. was definitely the funnest time I’ve had out even in London in general! And definitely glad i had the opportunity to go .

He has a great and interesting method, I’d never been rejected on an approach before until today which I couldn’t give two shits about and can’t even remember to be completely honest! Again thanks to something we did, but you’ll definitely have to do it yourself and know what i mean; so I’m not telling you! haha

Not going to lie, but we got blown out.. quite a lot, but.. even though you may know that rejection doesn’t matter, when it comes to the point that you get rejected you might actually care more than you think you will, I can gladly say we didn’t and we just plowed onto the next HB, he more or less demonstrated and told us that rejection means shit all without verbally saying it.

By the end of the day we all managed to close, but more importantly open, stack and have fun; Was definitely a great day – a  once in a life time opportunity.

He gave us a great overview on ‘sarging’ and what its all about and tips and routines that I’ve been looking around ages for

I can honestly say I’ve learnt more in the 6 hours with him than I have in the last 4 or 5 months I  have been rummaging around looking for scrap material i can use, like they say, the best way to get to the top is to practice rather than sit at home revising PUA and since I didn’t have anyone to go sarging with I excused myself from going out alone, this really gave me the kick I  needed to get my ass into gear about sarging and think what I  really want now. Greatly appreciated, and i wish you the best of luck; people be missing out if they are giving up this opportunity.

-L, London, 05th December 2010


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