Review: K, London, 11th December 2010

I first met Ryan in a cafe on Piccadilly circus. He is a very intuitive person who quickly addressed my limiting beliefs and sticking points after only a short chat. We then went on the streets to do some pranks to blow my social inhibitions away. The first one I went into a cafe – the shop clerk and manager thought it was funny as hell as I tried to convince them of my ingenious preposition. This made me realised that if you even if you act in a funny way, people may appreciate it.

Ryan showed me how to stop a girl even if they speeding off somewhere. o.0 It was hard to master but very effective! After that, I stopped over 20 sets like an approach machine (single and 2s). I got them to stop, listen and had fun banters with them even though I was noobing it! I never thought that was possible – approach, talk to beautiful strangers on the street, and be upfront about what you want!!! (It was a revelation to me that women know EXTACTLY what you’re talking about when you just tell them they’re beautiful, Its almost like a universal knowledge that only I never knew!) for some of them, Ryan even pulled off with telling them meet up for a shag :O We then went into Topshop, and tried some indirect/direct game, I was horrified by the idea as I would never have gone into the women’s floor (unless I was with a female companion).

He showed me that by not caring about social pressure, spontaneous and just talk to ppl for fun, you can actually induce ppl to play along. It worked quite well and I ended up engaging in riveting conversations with some hot girls. After we had enough fun, we strolled outside and rounded up with approaching groups (2 sets). This blew my fear of talking to girls not on their own, it is actually in some way easier as I wouldn’t have to do as much of the talking.

Overall, I would say this was a real eye opener, this completely shocked me how effectively day game is! I didn’t believe this stuff was real until now. This really opened a new world of possibility. Try it and see for yourself!

PS: he managed to N-close 3/3 approaches in under 10 mins!!! without even trying. (on the street, in the mall, in a shop)

-K, London, 11th December 2010


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