Review: Josh, London 22nd June 2011

Being a university student, I’ve been able to rely on student nights out to get with fit girls. However, the school year has finished and, outside of my university environment, I’m not as good at seducing women as I’d like to be. While clubs can be a good way to meet girls, daygame is better suited to my lifestyle – for this reason, my focus is on becoming great at daygame.

I first met Ryan in January; he came across as a cool guy with good game, which is why I contacted him about the possibility of hitting the streets of London.

Thankfully, he agreed…

The Meet-Up

I arrived outside the cafe just in time to see Ryan opening a really cute girl on the street corner. He got her number. (She even re-opened Ryan later that day while we were walking down Oxford Street… she seemed excited about their date.)

After that, we had a chat over a bite to eat. Mainly, we exchanged amusing stories and got to know each other; there were plenty of laughs!

Anyway, we finished our food and it was time to hit the streets…

Ryan suggested a prank approach to kick things off. The idea for this approach was to stop a girl on the street and keep her attention WITHOUT saying a word.

We spot a cute brunette and off I go after her… managed to stop her for somewhere between 90-120 seconds. (At that point, I started laughing and ejected myself from the set. Couldn’t handle the tension any more.)

It was a fun approach, but I have to admit I felt like a dick – after all, the prank might have upset the innocent girl. For future reference, I learned it’s best to afterwards explain the situation to the girl and tell her you think she’s cute (assuming it’s true): that way, you leave the girl better off than when you found her.

Moving on…

After that, I approached several one sets, two two sets, and one three set.

Ryan explained that, in theory, two and three sets are NOT necessarily harder than one sets – you just have to approach them differently.

Personally, however, I found that two and three sets were definitely more challenging – but maybe I’m backwards rationalising because my one sets when well and my two/three sets didn’t…

Either way, nothing bad happened with the two and three sets (I just didn’t number-close them) AND they got me outside of my comfort zone, which I appreciate Ryan for doing.

Overall it was a GREAT day. Ryan’s fun, and has good game while still holding an interesting life outside of ‘pick-up.’

If you get the chance, I definitely recommend sarging with Ryan.

All the best,

-Josh, London 22nd June 2011


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