Review: John M, Reading, 19th December, 2010

In September last year I broke up with my fiancée who literally was just using me, I was a total sucker and literally had no game just luck.

I took a course with a famous PUA company on their daygame bootcamp and it cost me a lot of money. They only taught the very basics, approach girls by themselves and only on the street. So I thought that was everything, I kept coming up to London (and doing it in the High-Street of the town) and literally had no success even though I paid that huge quantity of money!

One day I went up to Oxford Street as I was determined to get good at this stuff. I was going out all guns blazing but I just didn’t know what I was doing! £1,500 down the drain with that company! But then I saw this guy approach a really cute girl just outside of House of Fraser and I just stood to one side and watched. After he had got her number I approached him and we started talking. He asked me if I know of ‘Sasha’, I kind of knew who he was but because I was really new to the community everyone was new to me. He rated Sasha highly and that really made me want to meet him.

Sasha was great, he gave me some free pointers and I instantly got a girl to stop and be interested in me.

That evening I contacted Sasha again and he said there was a space available on his bootcamp the next weekend. I seized the opportunity and took it.

I arrived at the coffee shop early and met Sasha and the other student and he started the theoretical side of the bootcamp and explained various things that are really relevant to being successful at daygame. Right after that we went out and had a lot of fun. We were actually on the street where he taught us and demonstrated how to stop a girl properly, open them in conversation and do things such as:

– How to have a fun interaction

– When to stop and not to stop

– Approaching girls on the move

– Approach girls in Coffee shops, on the street, in shops, tubes, train stations etc. EVERY SITUATION!

– How to transition and have a proper conversation

– How to get her number

– And various other really useful things

When the 2 days were up, I literally had tons of numbers and just in the month of January alone I slept with 6 girls, but multiple times. Now its February and my count is 8 girls so far!

Literally I’ve had double the amount of girls and quadruple the amount of sex in the last 5/6 weeks then I’ve had 7 years previous to Sasha 2 day bootcamp. Thank you Sasha! Highly recommended!

-John M, Reading, 19th December, 2010


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