John, London, 11th April 2011

Note: This review is from someone who’d taken a bootcamp with another company. I don’t wanna stir any shit, so I’ve erased references to that company. I want to keep the peace ;-)

Hey Sasha;

I  gotta tell you your stuff is the shit. (censored) is great, but for the moment I think I will stick to your stuff. It is especially liberating, just have fun and express whatever the fuck I think and feel.

Got my first date where I fully expressed myself. I didn’t shag the girl, but had a great time. After opening, I talked to her for 2 mins and shot for a date (just drinks) later that evening. When we met later that evening I told her to go to my place for drinks. She kinda freaked out, but I told her she was hot and really wanted to fuck her. Still amazed, I told her, “hey you know you are hot and all the guys around you in you life that are nice to you just want to get in your pants.” She fucking agreed and went on to tell me about all those ‘friends’ she has in her life.

We went for drinks then at a pub. It was a fucking amazing interaction, because she confessed some very personal stuff, and I felt good to know I connected at a personal human level with a beautiful person. I still remember your words about learning how to listen. Now I realize that that is such a powerful skill, because people just don’t know how to fucking listen. She confided she has trust issues and issues with sex… she was drugged and raped recently.

It felt good to know some one can connect like that so quickly just by being fucking honest not hiding anything with bullshit and phoniness. I did not walk away with blue balls, since I got the satisfaction to be totally honest about my intentions and knowing I connected with a person at a deep level.

Anyway, I am really grateful for all your instruction and guidance. You are one of the guys I really look up to in life. I belief this would be a better world if there were more guys like you around.

-John, London, 11th April 2011


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