Review: Johan, Amsterdam, 21st August 2011

It was Sunday the 21st of August 2011, with no sleep the night before, just coming from a party and a 3 hour drive I knew this was going to be something that I couldn’t miss out on. We first started with some theory which is usually boring, but Sasha kept telling very interesting things so we kept listening attentively. Then it was time to eliminate our approach anxiety while showing people what our lives are about, one big party. He showed us how to have fun every minute of the day and attract people naturally, all this while getting the mindset of “I don’t care what people think”. And then began the best part: approaching every bombshell that walked by. Sasha was pushing us but we were pushing ourselves too because we were in a group of guys all wanting to approach as many girls as possible. We all did so many approaches that we can’t remember how many we did and all while having fun and not thinking about the outcome, it was all natural.

When the bootcamp was over he recommended us to do one approach every day for the next month, and after that month he promised us that we would be dating 5 to 6 chicks. The funny part is that I approached a chick not even a week later and told her as a joke “friday night 9 pm your place”, she laughed like crazy and then went “why wait until then?” and I ended up sleeping with her that night!. A couple of days later I approached a chick who was going to see her boyfriend just around the corner and I number closed her in less than 2 minutes, lastly I approached a chick like one week later who was in a set and number closed her too. Now I’m dating all three of them and it’s already getting too much, I don’t even want to number close anymore, I’m just saying “friday night 9 pm your place” all the time because number close is too easy now and will probably get me another girlfriend instead of a sexbuddy. All of this would never happened if I didn’t attend his bootcamp, this really turned my life around and I was a real zero at daygame before. I’m feeling on top of the world and every day I feel better and better. The most important thing I learned is that life’s a joke, so you guys better start laughing and get to his bootcamp.

Johan, Amsterdam, 21st August 2011


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