Review: J, London, 05th December 2010

Short recap: Boatloads of value stuffed into 6 hours of fun.

Long recap: Ok so we met up in a cafe to lay down the framework, getting to know each other, and talked about being comfortable with who you are and being honest and fun, so you’re going to women as a full cup just giving value, not looking to be filled or needing their validation. We discussed the huge benefits of being direct and honest and not giving a fuck.

Almost everything that was laid out in theory was also shown through certain infield exercises, which really helped drill it in and let us experience what the abstract theory looked and felt like in real life application.

Discussing all this in a cafe and running through a bunch of pranks and exercises with people really got us both used to dealing with social pressure and a variety of responses from women. By the end of it we realised we could approach women with the lamest, weirdest shit and still make it last and see the humour in it.

After all this we were only like 2 or so hours in. This is something I was really happy about-by my count there was only like 1 or 1 and a half hours of theory talk, about an hour for the pranks and such, and then like 3 and half hours of opening girls in a variety of settings. Excellent ratio in my opinion We were given what we needed so as not to overthink and so we had something to fall back on. We were given fantastic ways to stop moving girls (this took me a few tries to get right, Ryan instantly spotted what I was doing wrong and by the third time I had it down), banter for a bit and get a number.

Then we did hours of in field approaching on the streets and in shops, with corrections on anything we were doing wrong. I never thought to myself ‘got blown out’. If i didn’t stop a girl properly (3 times), they just kept going anyway (2/3 times), they had a boyfriend (3+ times), were foreigners and could hardly communicate (twice i think), or were only here for a day or two (happened twice to me). And each and every time we ran back to Ryan with a smile on our face. It was a fun. There were I think 3 for me that went well. 2 I let go prematurely (was told what to do to prevent this, twice infact, I  just kept forgetting haha), and the third i got a number from (last set of the day).

Actually I  just remembered the worst reaction from that day, it was the first 2 set we opened. hahaha that didn’t last long. It’s making me laugh right now though.

My judgement: Awesome. Just awesome. Unbelieveable that it all fit into 6 hours. I know everything I need to know to approach women on the street, it’s like a whole other world has been opened up to me. Before this i never really thought about daygame. Now it seems easier (well really it’s just a different beast altogether) than nightgame, and possibly preferential. The amount of opportunities this opens up is fantastic. After just 6 hours I am at a place where all i need to do is practice. Open and open and open again.

If this was a bootcamp I would prefer it be 2 days, because although i had no approach anxiety, i hadn’t gotten over that initial resistance/delay to approach. I still waited for Ryan to point out a girl. I feel a day 2 of the bootcamp would help address this and push me past that. Regardless though, this is probably just something i have, other people will likely be different.

I can’t wait for the last week of this semester so i can hit the streets 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. And hopefully do 6 hours of nightgame too. I think a 30 day challenge of sorts is right up my alley, though that amount of hours sounds exhausting. I remember feeling very tired after those intense 6 hours. I needed to just sit down and find a place for everything i had learnt in my mind. The next day when my thinking was clearer i realised just how much i had learnt and how far i had come. IN ONLY 6 HOURS!

Thank you Ryan you were fun and cool to hang out with. Great experience and I encourage everyone to look into this bootcamp.

-J, London, 05th December 2010


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