Review: H, London, February 2011

Get on Sashas bootcamp! I have done many bootcamps over past 4 years…Sasha stood out like a star for me. He completely destroyed my Approach Anxiety…made the whole experience such good fun.

Warm up exercises were the best laugh I’ve had for ages. Then I was approaching the hottest chicks…and getting the best reactions. Value for money certainly – Sasha remains in contact with me, and has become a mate.

Would strongly recommend taking the “Gold” BC as follow up support is essential and Sasha wont let you down on this.

I’m not going into great details…you just have to experience his training – all 2 on 1 or one on one and infield. Also if you want demos, Sasha sees a hotty and he´s off doing his own thing. Also he has a very honest style…will never tell you that everything’s possible, he is a realist and one great nugget I learnt, was enjoying getting ´blown out´ – it’s a touch counterintuitive but works !!

-H, London, February 2011


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