Review: H.L, London, 29th September 2010

I did Sasha’s Gold bootcamp (full weekend plus 2 follow-up sessions) just over 3 weeks ago. I’m 29 and had got to the point where I was bored of the two routes I had of meeting women – internet dating and blowing money getting drunk to meet other drunk girls in bars. I wasn’t taking his course to learn how to become the world’s greatest player, I just wanted to have the skills to meet and attract great women in my life and hopefully land myself a really awesome girlfriend.

I’d had some scepticism about some of the PUA sites out there but right from the off we chatted on the phone and I knew he was for real. He also offered to meet me for a free coffee but I was certain just from the phone call, his moneyback guarantee showed he believed in his services!

Our weekend was just brilliant. He took just 2 of us students (he only takes 2-on-1 groups, another thing I liked about his approach) and we went out and hit the streets for some pranks first up. This SHATTERED my social anxiety. I’d never been so ‘outrageous’ in public in my life and yet it taught me it was completely harmless. We then spent time out in field, getting blown out, practising being lame (just to kill off our fears of blowouts) and being generally ridiculous. And the responses from girls were just awesome. He studied and eavesdropped both of us on countless openers, pushed us when we got the fear and picked up on the subtleties of our conversations and interactions.

Sasha really gets the social dynamics of approaching women. Sure you could read loads of books and learn this PUA stuff but he gets it on a human level, you can see how practised and smooth he is at the interactions. The game he teaches is so natural and fun – that weekend I approached more women than I had spoken to in the previous year! And we spent almost all weekend in field – he pulled us into coffee shops for the odd bit of analysis/theory but he was keen on getting out in the field.

Our follow-up session (2 days after the bootcamp) lead to a pretty unreal conclusion, the audio of which I think is on Sasha’s blog for early September. I met a girl in the street around 8pm as we were wrapping up. We went for a coffee for 30 mins, had a little walk and then she came straight back to my flat. No prizes for guessing what that led to… listen to the audio to hear the full story!

3 weeks on I feel like my life has shifted into a new level. I can go out and approach anyone (that sounds ridiculous only three weeks in but my AA has vapourised) and my life is a blast. I also interact with so many more people around town – I love making people feel good and having fun with them. I’ve stopped listening to my iPod, getting the tube or walking round town is a real opportunity for me just to have fun and chat up girls.

Sasha is for real – a genuine, sincere guy who you will have a blast with. I would have paid a good whack more than I did, you can’t put a prize on what he teaches.

-H.L, London, 29th September 2010


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