Review: FB, London, May 2008

I chose to do the workshop as I have massive AA. I have only been gaming since February, and only properly for a month. I do not seem to have pushed through any AA really, but I have been working on a new skill set. The skill set is not much good if I can’t approach cold – I mean, I can meet girls through people etc etc, but I got into game to be able to just pick and choose hotties like picking berries on a summers day. I thought Day Game would be good to just get pushed into sets and confront AA front on without alcohol or any background noise or distractions. I also think it’s another string to the bow, why limit interactions with girls to nights?

I chose Sasha because I have read his FRs, and thought he sounded like an approach demon – I liked his cocky/funny approach too, as I like vibing and meeting girls who make me laugh…he sounded like the real deal and I know he is well thought of.

So we met up last Sunday in Covent Garden. There was another student, but we didn’t talk a lot. I was hell nervous. Sasha went over some lines and some basics; the main point was to get us approaching as there would be a follow up later that week for sticking points etc, and he could see what we were doing etc.

Sasha wanted us to just go in direct, with the likes of “Hey, I just saw you and you are the cutest girl I have seen all day, and I would be kicking myself if I didn’t come over… Hi I’m FB. Transition… I just have to get back to my mates in a sec… .but OMG you remind me of… blah blah blah”. The point was just busting up AA.

The first few sets I did were harrowing, but to my surprise the girls were open to listening – like I had this conception that they would just keep walking or turn away. I also had, and still have to some degree, the conception that girls would think it’s creepy for a guy to just approach in the street. Sasha explained that hardly any girls are approached during the day, so they will be generally surprised but quite flattered a guy came over. Obviously body language and sub comms are important, but if you are not Quasimodo then it’s generally OK and they will talk to you. No shit. So you also have an edge over the other 99% of guys out there who just perve at all the hotties during the day but do nothing about it.

The first girl I opened up by the tube didn’t hear me properly with my ‘cute’ line, and I also clung onto her shoulder! That was bad. Sasha came in and winged me (she was with a mate) and he pulled the set back. He is awesome in-field, and can get attraction VERY quickly. She was hugging him at the end of a 3-4 minute interaction. That stuff was gold to watch as for me, it gave me a boundary to expand my reality to. This stuff is totally possible.

I opened up a few more girls at Covent Garden. My main sticking point was voice projection/speed, and sticking in set… and of course just doing the opener! I was surprised that a lot of girls were open to being approached. But after the opener, I would bottle it and got nervous and ejected. But that was cool – this was all about approaching for me. Sasha would tell me what I did wrong after each set, and would just keep pushing me into sets. If there was a two set, he would come in afterwards as my wing.

It was awesome having someone his calibre just there with me on each set, and seeing and listening how he transitions and holds the attention of the chicks. His style is very cocky/funny, and most girls he had laughing very quickly. He also escalates very quickly with plenty of kino, which I’ll come to later. This was eye opening as while I am getting better at kino at night, during the day I am not comfortable with it.

We went to the park then opened a lot of sets, lots of twos. I opened two quite cute girls lying down…One of them quickly asked how old we were! They were 16, just about to sit GSCE’s… that was uncomfortable. But one had a very juicy and nice ass. We were just opening with the likes of “Cute girls… ..we had to come and say hi” type stuff. Sasha had me go over to a two set and ask if I could worship the sun with them, because sunbathing only works for me with others around. They cracked up, they were Irish. I asked for some lotion too and started to take my top off, I think they thought it was all very weird but my AA was getting broken down further. I can see how warm up sets are crucial to just loosen up.

I then opened up a two set, one of the girls was cute and from California. I gave them shit about moving to a little piece of sun and said I would come back to see if they move again later. Bugsy winged me. I made a slightly big neg about the cuties belly button, but pulled it back, only to blow it again by touching her abs… .but all this was just pushing me and realising it was no biggie.

At this point Sasha was talking to a French hottie, who he number closed. Hot little blue bikini too! Nice.

Then Sasha opened 3 Italian girls – not hot, but one had a great bod. Check out his recent FR about this for details. .. But he had her massaging him within 5 mins. The key for me here was seeing how it is possible to escalate, and how quickly. Lots of kino…and total confidence. When we stood up to leave the three Italians a packet of 2 condoms fell out of Sasha’s pocket…haha. He had bought them to give students at the end of his bootcamp as a little pressie. I’ll come back to the condoms later on….but read his recent field report for how he dealt with it…

Anyway I opened a few more sets, it was 5 by this time so we went up through Trafalgar again. I was getting more confident. Sasha goes to me “open that hot red head there”. I went over and couldn’t see her very well, and then saw she was cute, AMAZING TITS, good pins, very porcelain skin. I pussied out but he was like – get the fuck in there or I will! So I did…

I just went with situational shit, she was watching some Capoeira dancing. I said “I could do that” with a big smile, I think Sasha may have given me that one actually. I kino’d her a bit, used her sun lotion, and we swapped sunglasses, ran some very quick comfort and talked about galleries….worked that into Day 2 number close to go check out the Vanity Fair Potraits at the Nat Portrait gallery.

Just to digress… .Fast forward in the time machine to the Wednesday after (just been), and I met her at the gallery. Looked around, went for some vodka’s in Soho, back to mine, eneded up F-Closing her and unleashing her glorious porcelain juicy perky tits. Excellent fuck…and what was the best part is that I had run out of condoms… only to recall the two Sasha had given me! LEGEND!

A few more sets in CG… then home. I was opening way easier by this point. I number closed a cute Espanola on the way home who asked for directions too.

Follow up last night: Sasha went over some sticking points that I had thought about since the Sunday, and he had some brilliant stuff to tell me. For me, it all really came together last night, like about where I am going wrong… and we also talked more about the psychology behind AA and just approaching generally, and escalation, and all sorts of other things. He is a reservoir of knowledge FROM EXPERIENCE. We then opened some sets, not many as it sucked outside weather wise, but as I said, the follow up was awesome for me to really tie Sunday together and it clicked.

So CONCLUSION: Was it worth it? YES, easily. If you have AA it is gold. If you want to get good at, and have a base for day game, this is what you should do also. It is outstanding value too, IMHO. I have not seen other guys in day game, but I reckon Sasha is VERY fucking good at day game. An approach demon who can get attraction of the girl (or group) super quick. Its is awesome having someone of his calibre with you, or watching closely, each set you open. I also texted him during the week (between the Sunday and the follow up) and he replied straight away… we also had a few chats on the phone about sticking points and motivation.

All in all my AA has been given a massive kick in the ass. It’s no magic bullet, but I am so much more confident approaching now. I see this as help for night game, as well as it being another type of game to have in ones arsenal. I know what I need to do, so I need to keep approaching and practice and then really get on top of the AA. I am doing as many as I can each day… I have also seen what is possible and that’s a BIG thing for a relative newbie I reckon.

-FB, London, May 2008


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