Review: Danny S, Glasgow, July 16th 2010

I might as well just type up what I did over the boot camp as I couldn’t write a review to save my life, well according to my English teacher anyway.

I decided I needed to go to the Boot camp because at 22 I felt very badly about my sex life and was rather pessimistic. At this point I still wasn’t entirely convinced Game existed or it was grossly over-exaggerated.

I arrived at the flat and met Raj. Marcus came out and I immediately liked him for his friendliness and genuine interest in me. Sasha came in looking like he just awoke but I was charmed by the fact he said I was the one he worried about. I had the longest travel to make to get to the boot camp and but was really excited.

Once the boot camp crew had all arrived (all 4 of us) we had a quick introduction to each another which had a lot of laughs. We talked about our goals, game history and what we hoped to achieve. It was enlightening to hear that even our teachers were once average or worse at pick up. I felt immediately more comfortable as a natural could never really understand the frustrations of an AFC.

We then moved onto discussing techniques and tips and I took a lot of notes which I now read over a few times before going out. We played a few games to put what we learned into practise.

I should state right now, I hate lectures in college. My attention is elsewhere if I haven’t dozed off. Sasha and Marcus had me enthralled from the off, they spoke in laymen (pun intended) terms and they had a genuine interest in what you had to say. They could take any question and give you a satisfactory answer. They are great teachers, though it felt more like a bunch of friends chatting away.

Then came the bit I had been dreading for weeks – in-field! Marcus took me and Adam from this point as we were the two most inexperienced. Marcus talked us through the concept of pre-framing again and decided to build us up very slowly into a full approach.

He went about by telling me and Adam what to do or say then he would demonstrate it himself. He seemed like a God to me guys, no one ejected him and there were always smiles.

We asked for the time, told jokes, asked for good night locations in the city, told girls they looked amazing and other things. It was great fun although still frightening. I had never approached prior to this but I quickly learned it’s not as fearful doing it as is the fear of thinking about it. I wasn’t successful on all the attempts but I was getting better regardless as Marcus would point out a flaw and offers solutions. I never once felt pressured to succeed merely attempt.

A great line Marcus said that will stick with me for life was “No girl rejects you, just your approach.”

We were out for many hours before we rejoined with Sasha and his group. Sasha at this point asked us for his pay or gave us the option of not paying if we felt the boot camp was not worth it. Everyone paid in full.

That was the end of the first day of boot camp. I went home tired and yet wide awake. I had just had the most eye-opening day of my life and I looked forward to the next day. I fell asleep feeling like some weight had been taken off me.

The next day we met up again and had our second seminar, learning mainly about qualification. We then learned the universal openers! The last part was Sasha and Marcus answering any questions about our sticking points. We played a few more games learning how to converse interestingly and learn some wit.

Me and Adam practiced approach one another and Sasha gave his critique, invaluable stuff we learned from this alone. My approaches later in the field were far more successful from this lesson.

We went out in-field and I and Adam were hit by a more severe case of AA than the previous day. Marcus was quick to point out the reasons – we were lower on adrenaline than the previous day. To remediate this we were thrown into the deep end, no build ups straight approach lol it did work after the first approach I felt much better again.

Marcus and Sasha’s group met up much earlier this day and we done a lot of wing manning, as well as seeing Sasha himself gaming. I and Woody # closed a 2-set, my first!

Though Woody should get most of the credit for that.

It was a fabulous experience and it was getting late out, we had done a lot of approaching and been out for many hours. I saw this HB walking across the road from me and something took over, I ran across and approached. She was stunning HB9 rock chick. We got into a good conversation and we spoke about our interested, some kino involved and quite a few hugs. I could see behind her Marcus sneaking up, checking on how I was doing. The guy was always there for me. I got the # close – my first ever alone! As I left I felt euphoric! I got my congratulations before Marcus gave me my critique lol

It was a fantastic way for me to end the night. I had done what I had hoped to do from this boot camp. We went back to the flat and we said our farewells and were given our homework.

I had made some really good friends and learned a great deal of game. The boot camp was amazing and the teachers were fantastic. I would highly recommend this to anyone of any skill level.

Post Boot camp has been a success. After 3 straight Valentines Days by myself, I now have the option of 3 dates for this year Valentines Day. This is directly because of what I’ve learned from the Boot camp. My days are far more exciting now, I try to talk with as many people as I can and approach HB’s in sets of up to 3! I do still get occasional AA but I can handle it better now.

So a massive thanks you to Sasha and Marcus! You guys rocked my life!

I’ll definitely be there on their next visit to Glasgow :)

-Danny S, Glasgow, July 16th 2010


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