Review: B, Germany, 4th July 2012

Sit back and relax because today I’m going tell you the story how Sasha Daygame changed my life forever.
Before I met Sasha I was only able to meet girls only if friends introduced me to them, because I had a really huge Approach Anxiety based on my teenage years issues. I was a really fat bastard and though I have a athletic figure now I had these demons which didn’t allow me to just go up to women and talk to them at all. I knew I have to change because deep inside I knew this is just not normal and I have to change. Off course like all the guys who get into self help and self improvement I started out by reading a tone of material but really never proved it into practice. And on some occasions where I had enough courage to overcome my Approach Anxiety I just getting bad results because I knew this is just not who I’m. If you are pretending to be someone you are not and projecting your interest in a girl by going throw a script and routines it’s not going to work, or only if you are a social robot. Congruence and being proud of who you are is the key, but this is a lesson I still had to learn.
So I decided this is not the way it should be because I couldn’t believe that you have to come up with this “show version” of yourself and entertain girls to bed. After a while I just said, ok screw Pick Up this is just something not for me. Though later on I found out about “Direct Game” and I was immediately interested. No Gimmicks no routines just being yourself and not hiding your intentions, interesting! I looked up and after some research I found Sasha. And I felt immediately in love with him, not in a gay way :). I really liked his style just being yourself having fun and enjoying the moment. Off course I was skeptical in the beginning since I’m a student and should I really spend money to get really professional help. I’m glad that I didn’t puss out. After thinking for it for a while I just said to myself fuck that I’m going to get this part of my life handled. So I signed up for some training with Sasha.
Straight from the beginning you have this feeling it’s not a coach student relationship but instead Sasha is like an older brother who shows you how to get girls and give you advice about life in general. The theory part is really small because actually there is no space for it because practice is the key. And besides you don’t have to memorizes with Sashas method anything except remember yourself to be the best self that you can be. That’s it!

Anyway we started out with his crazy but also pretty funny Social freedom exercises. And I can say that after literally 4 hours he destroyed my Approach Anxiety. It was fucking gone! Other guys spend 1000’s of Euros/Pounds/Dollars for some Inner Game mastery and confidence classes but the answer is so simple and is way more fun and cheaper. The best thing that I remember is coming up to a Russian couple and doing a really funny gesture with my hand and pretending that I don’t know what this gesture means.  And the girl was talking to her Girlfriend in Russian and saying “I cannot explain them it’s too naughty you have to do it”. :) Which was even more funny for me because I can speak Russian but still pretending that I only understand English since Sasha taught us how to get use to Social Pressure and keeping your cool.
After my Approach Anxiety was cured it was time to do some real approaches. Oh Oh! :). But Sasha will not let you down you are going to be in good hands the entire time. So I did my first approaches during the day ever. And I screwed up badly. But Sasha listened to my conversation and put me aside and talked straight forward to me about my sticking points and what I have to do to overcome them. And after one hour I was beginning to see how my results went from zero to hero. In our last session together I was able to get the numbers of six girls after six approaches. Not bad for someone who had Approach Anxiety before, ;).
After seeing my first results Sasha explained in more depth what is behind his method. He explained how to approach any girl in any situation. And how to really connect to a woman instead of using some stupid routines. The good thing is that is so simple ones you see the light. You will not believe how simple it is. You are going to wish fuck why I didn’t do this training with him straight away instead of reading all this bullshit.  If you really get his mindset in your head your life is going to change dramatically. I was never the club guy but with the balls Sasha gave me during the day I had the balls to approach a really hot Girl in the club after my training with Sasha was done and took her back to my place and “we watched a movie together” ;). If you would told me that I was capable to pulling this off one year ago I would have looked at you and said no way.

So to sum it up. If you want to get this part of the life handle ones and for all or you just sick of using routines and you think you have to put up a great show to women to like you , you better should get your ass to visit Sashas Bootcamps. I want to thank the Sasha for this life changing adventure. I would never be the person who I’m today without you. I love you in a none gay way.
Now I’m back in Germany and I want to kill myself because no hot women are around anymore. But the good news is that the few hot women are loving  Sashas approach . Set up a date with a model and a dancer for next week. The model looks like: Julia Dietze, if you want to see what I’m talking about.

So stop reading books and dreaming about the life you want to have. Instead do something about it and sign up for Sashas Bootcamp. Life is so much easier when you see the light. Trust me on what. Also you are going to safe a shit load of money because to be honest how much money do you spend per year getting wasted with your friends to get the “liquid courage” to talk to some drunk chicks in the club. Or how much time and effort do you put in to learn how to perform a performance for the girl which is quite entertaining but that’s it. Instead do yourself a favor and make a small smart investment and change your life forever.
If you have any questions about his Bootcamp and you want to talk to a student about it.



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