Review: Alex C, London, 16th April 2010

I’d read Sasha’s blog and had heard the high esteem in which he’s held by other big hitters in the community. So I decided to check him out and booked a 2hr day game session. Sasha met me for tea in central London to go through my issues and my expectations for the session (on his own time no less!). This was instructive in itself, as just by being around the guy I started to get a feel for his laid-back vibe and absurd sense of humour.

My problem was that my sets and conversations always seemed pretty serious; I could open ok, but I was having trouble hooking sets, bantering and creating humour and attraction. Sasha very quickly got to the root of the issue, which was that I was worried about social pressure and felt constrained by my ideas of good manners and proper behaviour. I was also struggling to really enjoy the process of approaching; I hoped that Sasha could help me find a way for it to be less of a chore.

For the first hour, we worked on raising my state and desensitizing myself to social pressure… After watching Sasha demonstrate, I was soon playing pranks on shop-keepers and role-playing ridiculous scenarios with him and random strangers.

With an hour gone, we quickly switched to opening girls. After the previous hour’s fun and games, this was a walk in the park! My approach anxiety had completely gone; I was actively looking forward to opening rather than having to push myself to do so. I didn’t think I could open girls with humour, or with absurd observations (“sophisticated ninja” was it?!), but after seeing Sasha I was able to stop girls and say the first thing that came into my head. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I ended up with a couple of phone numbers from some cuties, but that seemed almost incidental to the fun I’d had. I would recommend Sasha without hesitation to anyone who wants to improve their conversation skills, reduce approach anxiety, be more creative and spontaneous.

-Alex C, London, 16th April 2010


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