Are You Ready To Let Go Of Fear?

The system we live in propagates FEAR above all else.


It’s why people follow orders, pay their taxes, and accept their “fate.”


Don’t believe me?


When’s the last time you had any of these thoughts or feelings:

  • I’m not good looking enough to get the girls I want
  • I don’t deserve to get what I want
  • I don’t have enough money
  • People don’t like me
  • Things never go my way


Every one of these thoughts is FEAR BASED PROGRAMMING you’ve picked up from the matrix.



  • Looks: We are ALL taught to feel we’re not good looking enough. (Look at the models they use in movies and magazines – who looks like that? NOBODY!)


  • Worthiness: We are ALL made to feel we’re not worthy. (Look at all the sub-conscious programming in the media. Unless you’re RICH, ULTRA POPULAR, and have MODEL LIKE LOOKS – you’re just a f’ing peasant!)


  • Money: We are ALL taught to believe we need lots of MONEY to be happy. (Bullshit, more $$$ has been proven to make people more suicidal than having no money!)


And on and on and on…..


EVERYONE is paranoid that people don’t like them. They make sure we value other people’s opinions over our own straight from our birth and then in the “education” system.


And we’re also TAUGHT that “life is hard” and ya gotta “suck it up”.


What a load of horse sh*t. Life is easy, if you’re coming at it from a place of love.


Everyone one of these thought patterns is FEAR based BULLS**T !!!


The same fear that prevents us from trying to get the women we want into our lives.


The same fear that keeps us spending money on products that can never really make us happy.




It’s the same fear that keeps people from quitting their job and building THEIR dreams (rather than working for some A-hole to build theirs…..)


And it works great!


Most people just shut the F**K up and pay their taxes and suffer.


And you will too…. unless you tell your fear based beliefs to ‘F**K OFF!!!’


People are waking up. We’re tired of this system of control. None of it is real…


It’s coming to an end. MILLIONS of people are snapping out of it.


Are YOU read to do so?


LOVE is the only thing that’s really real… And as soon as you decide to tap into that (and just ignore the rest) you can have it all.


When you’re going to do that, is up to you.


I just uploaded a video where I talk about how fear isn’t real right here. If you can tap into this reality – it can change your life. Ah, did I mention the video was free to watch? What a guy!!!


See you there :)



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