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Re-United with Mystery

So I’d run into my ol’ buddy Mystery on Friday night when I was out with some guys. He invited me to Neil Strauses (strauss’s? that doesn’t look right lol) party on sunday. So I took My buddy Keychain and my arch nemesis Dr Yen along.

What a fucking party!

This may sound weird for a PUA to say but I didn’t game ONE BIT! oh there were some cute girls around. But I was just so happy to catch up with a couple of friends… I walk in and there’s my old friend SINN!! I used to roll with him, Mystery and a guy called Craig in like 98/99/2000 … he looks the same pretty much (little pudgier) … but I always loved the guy and never knew what happened to him. It’s funny I saw a picture of “sinn” a while ago and I thought it was this guy I was friends with (dunno if he wants me to post his real name) but he was a great guy… so we spoke for a long while! he’s got an ebook where he’s put a lot of stuff. he was really excited about it and clearly loves this stuff. He’s sent me a free copy so I can’t wait to read it….

alright alright you wanna hear who was gaming who right? ok fine. but i can’t divuldge certain details, heh

Mystery was friendly with, well, all the girls in the place. I had the feeling he could have done any one of them that he wanted. Dr Yen went after this hot asian (usually that’s my thing) with fantastic fake breasts. some other guy was after her but yen dominated and had her on the couch fondling him by the end. Yen was on tonight, I’ll tell ya! Keychain hooked up with this one girl was trying to get her sister to fly her out to London so see him. LOL!! That’s tight comfort game!! He’s really gotten good actually, it’s a big scary. for those that don’t know keychain is one of the students on project rockstar in which I was an instructor. looks like he’ll be working for the evil empire… but he deserves it. ;) … oh this is funny. he’d already been gaming her, and Matador trying to get his chick away from him but she wasn’t having any of it. he’s buff too. a very sexy man! he was fucking twatted … like really wasted. He was like “you’re friends with cajun right? can you tell him i love him. i do.” and then 3 more times during the party he’s just roll up “tell cajun he’s alright man, ok? can you do that?” heheh it was funny. i think he has a crush on cajun. you heard it here first!! so yea it was a bit incestuous. everyone was trying to fuck everyone it was wack! i actually just had fun and didn’t give a toss! it’s actually liberating not to be gaming

it’s funny, i got a look from yen’s girl that said she liked me.. and all i did was say ONE thing to her… sometimes less really IS more… will have to experiement with that more

chatted to neil a bit. he’s great. very down to earth and just a cool guy. Met his girlfriend too. She’s adorable and very very sweet! I’m really happy for him

oh met the guys who are on the new pickup artist show. they seem like sound guys also but they split soon after i got there.

all in all it was a good time. my snacks i brough went down a treat. i brough some citrus flavored vodka but never got a chance to try it. mystery made me have 2 shots of jack daniels with him. EWWWWWW

anyways we caught up properly the first time in fuckin ages so that was cool…. he hasn’t changed much actually. in fact i don’t think money/fame has changed him much at all. i don’t actually know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but… he’s the same guy i knew back in the day. funny that.

all right i’m in L.A and it’s my last nite. i’m flying out to new york tommorow … yea mama. so i’m going to go to key club and have some fun there! am actually looking forward to being back in toronto. the girls are much smarter than in l.a … they’re really dumb here, heh! got a couple of hot dates lined up with cOOl chicks! i really appreciate them more now, heh… never though i’d say i miss toronto but i actually do. hah! I’m certainly changing, that’s for sure…


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