Sasha Daygame in mode on in bar

Quick mode one in bar!

Awesome shit. Gotta sleep. Just quick post on probably my directest approach ever EVER. Well, at least the most direct.
I’d just done a comedy show, so i was super jacked up on confidence, and has massive social proof. but still.
There’s a bartender (Smoking hot body, wearing sking tight black shit)
Sasha “Hey, come here” (wave towards side)
she comes over
Sasha “You’re sexy as fuck…. are you married?”
HB “No”
Sasha “Cool…. so… what else do you get up to when you’re not working here?”
HB “Mainly I bartend, not much….”
20 seconds of smalltalk….
Sasha “Ok, I can’t seduce you here. What’s your number?”
gives me her number and says “I gotta get back to work”
-note: She did this so it would seem she ended the interaction – just as I was. Advanced game :P
I called her yesterday, just basically asked her out
her text “Sasha am loving your confidence. I’m working at bar every night but u can take me for a drink after one of my shifts. HB”
I’m thinking – I should be able to do this, even when I don’t have the comedy … it’s internal. Why can’t I be that confident all the time? Be that direct all the time? Fucking siiick. Can’t wait to do more. Will post about how date goes….
Also: had a date with this other broad, but i wasn’t into her. I only wanted a massage from her. I told her that. She may get in touch for massage exchange. See? Mode one can even give you backrubs, haha.
Moooooooodddddeeeeee ……


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