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PUA vs Stripper!

Ok, so I’m in Vegas until the Direct Dating Summit.  The clubs here are like anywhere else – LOUD! lol… and I’ve got to do something at night, other than play poker.

So yeah…. I’ve decided on doing a stripper challenge for the next couple of weeks. We’ve already begun ;)

Me and Manwhore, that is.

I know I know. You think I hate strippers, don’t you? Not really – I kind of used to hate Strip CLUBS.  I mean think about it. It’s just a bunch of horny guys paying money for cheap thrills. It’s everything I stand against. Women selling their vagina’s for money. COME ON!!! These guys need to get some fucking game.

HOWEVER:  I’m not going in there for lapdances.  I’m going in there to find the fucking COOL strippers, and get them on board as sex buddies.  Yes, there are cool strippers out there. There have to be. They can’t ALL be evil on the inside… can they? ;)


Obviously, a girl’s got to be pretty sexually liberal to be taking her clothes off for money, right? I mean – that’s a good start. And, she’s got to be at least somewhat attractive. Actually no wait – she doesn’t. But MANY of them are attractive. Certainly a higher percentage than the average club. And they’re not wearing a lot of clothes, so you see what you’re getting yourself into. See? SEE? Those things are GOOD!


Now, the BAD news is – hey – these girls are there to WORK!


So, that’s the primary dilemma. You want to waste their motherfucking time chatting away and trying to build a connection – they want to get paid. Let the battle begin! PUA VS STRIPPER!!!


Now, here’s where it gets interesting:  Many strippers actually have some good game. For real. They have their own little stripper routines and lines and tricks and everything. And THEY are used to leading YOU. YOU’RE the Target!! haha

So, I’ve gone 3 times and I’ve already been having some realizations about strippers / stripper strategy / etc

Firstly- It seems there’s really mainly 3 primary types of girls.

1) Girls that are 100% only interested in making money. They won’t talk to you at ALL once they realize you don’t’ want to spend

2)Girls that are there to make money – but if you’re good you can still lead them away from it and into your world

3) Girls that are open to meeting guys at strip clubs

Extra category (still under investigation) (to be expanded)

Girls that will have an awesome connection with you – and will build on that in the hopes that you’ll spend – that won’t actually ever do anything else with ya.


There’s not a lot you can do with the first category. As you as they even SNIFF any level of game… if you even TRY and do ANYTHING other than spend – they’ll just walk off. The irony is – there are the women that are the most direct. SEriously. They open with “hey, do you want a lapdance?” … and if you say anything other than “yes” – they get the fuck away and onto the next guy.  This is a perfect example of abundance mentality. There’s TONS of guys in that club that will spend money on her. Why is she going to talk to you?? In a way – I prefer these girls because they don’t waste MY fucking time either …

2) So, these girls can be really difficult. IT really depends on whether they like you, your game, and the timing. (how much have they already made that night) … if she’s already made 2 grand and you’re her type – you got a shot.  As you can imagine the primary strategy applies – just side-step the lapdances WITHOUT saying “no” …. “maybe later” or “hmm lemme talk to you a minute first” kind of answers. then move quickly … have FUN – be CRAZY – connect. You got about 60 to 120 seconds to make an impression, or you’re going to loose her. ;)

Category 3) Hey, these girls rock.  THey don’t even try and sell you a lapdance if you’re connecting. This has been the case with me with all the girls I’ve connected to so far. The subject didn’t come up – I just led the conversation and it was a good time.  You can basically treat these girls as normal girls. IT’s all good. (to be honest that goes for category 2 as well – except bit more crazy shit goes down well with dancers)


I’m realizing also that, whether a girl is in category 2, 3, (or even 1, I suppose) for YOU depends on how much she likes you. So one of my category 3 girls LOVED ME – but she may seem like a category 2 to you – or have no interest at all and you’d believe her to be category 1.  That’s a theory, but it makes sense to me at this point so far. Strippers are more sexual that most, and therefore more responsive  to a)physical attraction, b)masculinity and c)emotional triggers.

I’ve always said – it’s easier to connect with hot women, and that’s no exception here.

I’m also noticing the mathematical probabilities of connection with a stripper is about the same as outside the strip club. About 1 in 10 girls is going to be someone you connect with…. though it may actually be 1 in 7 on a good night. Somewhere in there.


So, here’s a brief synopsis of my **attempts** so far (hehe)

First night we went to a big name strip club that just had ugly chicks, and one really hot girl.  Manwhore was already attacking the hottie when I walked in so there wasn’t much going on.  We got the hell out of there and went to one of the biggest spots in vegas and it was fucking retarded in there. Hot girls were EVERYWHERE! I had a 15 mins chat with one hottie who was totally polyamorous and was quite taken aback that I was. She was like “I never meet guys like you!” and “Fuck, guys always try and own me, it’s so annoying” …. we agreed to meet after her shift and went for breakfast. It was fun, I escalated – she drove me to the RV but Detail was sleeping in there and that fucked it. If we’d gone in I think we were on. Sigh. We still text here and there but she’s left the state!


2 nights ago- Went to the ugly strip club again (yes i protested) and there were a couple of hotties but still it was shit. I had a good chat with one girl/was massaging and doing reiki on her etc. She gave me a missed call in the end but I have her my google voice numer and it didn’t show up. She was fairly boring, was older with a hot body. I’d have had fun with her, but no great loss.


Then we went to that big club again and – again – wheeeeeee!!! I hung out with this tiny hot black girl who loooooooovvvvvvveeeeeddddd me. Seriously. She was DYING for me. She’s just started seeing someone, i got her email (best I could do) but I did try. oh, I bought her a drink too. She rubber her ass in my crotch. worth it? no. lol.


Oh I had a lap dance that night too! WOOOOO! (it’s my birthday weekend, fuck you guys) …

Then last night I had a long ass chat with an actual pro dancer/stripper who was pretty into me to- said giving her number breaks one of her rules but we swapped emails. her body was R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S !

she may be leaving town on monday, but if she extends hopefully I can get her out.


Ah – yesterday I was implementing some of my shock+awe strategies. Strippers fucking love that shit. You know “you’re too fucking hot to work here, someone’s going to get hurt – what the fuck are you doing?” etc etc. You have to switch to comfort from this cocky/funny/attraction shit but it works. I will keep experimenting.


We’re at it again tonight. I’ll try blog about it as much as I can. I’m not stopping until I hook up with some strippers god damn it!!




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