Probably the most beautifully profound, reality shifting interview I’ve ever done

Most men then get into self-development of any kind (yes, even PUA!) eventually realise they want (and must) improve their lives on every level.


First, it’s just women. Then, they want to get healthy (or even ripped!) and then, of course, comes financial freedom.


Some go down the spiritual path (I believe that’s inevitable too, for long term peace and happiness)


And believe me, I get fellas hitting me up on FB with questions relating to all of these areas.


Questions about:

  • How to be more confident & attract women
  • How to make money / how to start a business
  • How to be happier and more content in life
  • How to work with plant medicines
  • How to stop being afraid

…and it goes on and on.


What if I told you there was only one answer to all of these questions?


One solution that would ensure your success, happiness, and fulfillment in every part of your life?


That if you just understood (and applied) this one principle, you would never have to even ask a question again?


Would you tell me I’m crazy?


Well there is just such a principle


And I get into it deep with one of the most amazing human beings any of us are ever going to encounter.


The fantastic Jesse Elder! This guy was the #1 Rated speaker at the Infinite Man Summit.


This man his full of so much love and abundance – I can’t even handle it sometimes. Jesse also runs a 7 figure business doing what he loves.


Have I got your attention yet?


The interview takes place in the latest episode of “The Sasha Show” (If you want to get RIGHT to the interview, feel free to skip ahead to 14 minutes in.)


You’ll never know just what you missed if you don’t watch this interview… but your soul will know you choose not to watch it – and will hate you for it.


I’m not kidding … you need to hear this.



Feel free to post questions and such, we’ll be watching ;)




P.S. Dude: I’ll be having an unbelievable free training with Jesse Elder THIS SUNDAY at NOON EST….. where he’ll be teaching some of the guiding principles that have led to his success. You can register on THIS LINK. You do NOT wanna miss this! ;)

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