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Pranks ahoy!

Sept 04th

Just finished day 1 of a 10 day bootcamp.

Holy crap, that was fun! Both guys were doing really well so that was cool.  I made them do some fucking funny pranks, including the peanut assassination one. This is where you convince the person that you’re buying peanuts to poison your boss. She sold them without hesitation! The student was going to buy the peanuts as well.. I had to come in and say to him “look, this is wrong what you’re doing! Your boss can’t be that bad!” and he agreed to think about it and walk out. Then I said to the girl on the counter “how could you sell him peanuts knowing he’s going to poison his boss?” and the girl was like “Some people only get a bad rash when they eat peanuts!” bwahahahah

I also send them into a sex shop to pretend they were a gay couple looking to spice up their sex life.

Student one – “I was thinking about getting a dildo, but he’s got a big asshole so I’m not sure any of these would work”

Student two – “OH sure, tell her everything why don’t you”

Fuck I was in stitches.  STICHES

I try and avoid gaming too much while I’m teaching, but I did one nice set. 2 girls walking along… I opened with … just conversation really.  Went failry direct on this hot blonde.  Her friend kept answering questions for her, so then whenever I wanted know something about the blond I just kept asking the friend, and making fun of the blond. I took this to the extreme “what’s she like in the sack?” … blah blah. Was fun. Eventually I was like “look, you’re cool – the type of girl I’d like to have around even if we weren’t going at it…. I’d like to get you out some time for a coffee. Not necessarily for some (humping motion) but… you know… preferable so. You’re definitely going to get hit on, that’s for sure”

And she’s like “let me get your number”

So, I said “hey, I don’t give out my number unless I make plans. When are you freE?” and she was like “I dunno, but I’ll text you, trust me” and I said “ok sure, here’s my number”

I’ve just finished an article talking about the different forms of daygame, and this type of game where you only give your number is called “no-number fastgame” … it’s fucking awesome and is waaaaay easier/less stressful than “normal” game. I’ll post this article on my blog shortly for you all… Can’t wait to see what ya’ll think!

Fuck it I want to write about this here: Basically, NNFG is when you run fast game (running short fast sets) to meet a large amount of girls quickly, just taking advantage of the “number game” aspect of gaming. However, just doing that is (in my book) called “fastgame” … but “No number fast game” is just when you don’t get any phone numbers…. Ever. It’s sick, because you never waste time/energy calling/texting flake girls. You just give your number out – if girls contact you, they are up for it. if they don’t – you won’t even remember.  When you’re meeting high volume of girls and you’re BUSY – it’s fucking AWESOME. FUCK GETTING PHONE NUMBERS. What’s the point of filling your phone up with dead numbers? Anyways this will all be in the article so stay tuned.

Before she left I said “if you don’t text me, I’ll kill a tree!” (she’s an enviornmentalist) and about 20 mins after I’d left she texted “Can’t face the thought of a dead tree. Let’s get a coffee next week. Hbblond

I did a really good motivational speech at the start. One of my best.

At 4am one of FB’s got in touch and came over… daddy did what he had to do. I wanted to hold out and stay hungry for some new girls…but I managed not to unload. I had a really intense orgasm at night… my dick felt like it was on fire….. but I held that shit in. I think I’d have lost it but those exercises I’ve been doing all month make a difference. I just flexed and it was fine.  In the morning though, I had like 3 or 4 mini orgasms… but I let go and lost some cemen at the end…but only around 30-40% I think… so I didn’t waste too much energy. Let me re-interate – ejaculation is your enemy. I’m ok tho now, no more of that shit from here on in. I just don’t have the energy to spare.


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