PODCAST: A Guy in a Unicorn Outfit Gets More Action Than You!



So just yesterday I announced that Shaft (aka Tantric Unicorn Guy) is speaking at the upcoming IMS (coming up in 6 days!)


This guy is a trip. If you’ve seen the Vice Documentary that he stars in, you’d think “Hang on … he sounds a bit… and he dresses like a unicorn….. and he’s super happy…. are you sure he’s not…. you know….. gay?”


After hanging out with the man, not only is he not gay – he gets more action from stunning women than just about anyone I’ve met.


This guy on the prowl is something to be seen. We went to one of these Morning Glory “Sober Parties” …. and I have pretty much broken down the secret of his “game.”




When a woman he is into walks by he grabs her and goes “OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! WHO ARE YOU!!!!” with 100% genuine, authentic, loving energy.


And they melt.


That’s it.


Remember – he’s just a dude who parties a lot and believes he’s a unicorn. Not “seduction” training of any kind. No Gimmicks. Nothing. He’s a guy who used to work some media job in the city – he cracked, went 100% the other way, and opened up his heart with lots of sex, drugs, and unicorn love.


And… well…. that’s the sum of it.


And now he gets PAID to teach women how to have better orgasms.


Yes – Actually.


Makes you take a pause, doesn’t it?


Most of us are just locked up with all these fears and doubts and negative beliefs, we close up and are just too scared to go for what we want… and certainly too scared to love. We spend thousands of hours going on and hitting on girls, reading books, doing therapy, doing meditation, yoga, and God knows what else to deal with our shit.


And this guy goes out, let’s the love guide him (Well, love, drugs, sex….) and gets to a place of peace, love, and joy that way.




Shaft is a stark reminder that there is more than one way to improve yourself and turn into a completely new and better person. Each of us has our own journey, our own path.


And his is interesting as fvck!


Why not come on down and hang out with him, and the rest of the amazing speakers next weekend and the world’s first Infinite Man Summit?


Ah: I’ve just uploaded this podcast with Mr Shaft (aka Tantric Unicorn guy) ….. It’s definitely not one to be missed!


See you next time!



Or, click here to find the podcast on iTunes.


Looking forward to reading the comments!!


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