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Persistance irrespective of social pressure = BOSS

Okay, so I’m in MIAMI BITCH! We hit up the grocery store today. 1st approach, super hot, skinny model. I’m like “Damn, you’re the hottest girl I’ve seen in a grocery store” and she replies “you must be new to Miami!” haha … She shows me a wedding ring and runs off. I thought it may have been a fake one after. Usually girls just say “I’m married” … something felt off.


Anyways, next one this chick is HOT and she’s with her mum and dad.  So I’m hitting on her, her mom is right there and i’m like “seriously, tell her to go for it” or some shit. No smile from the mom.


Later on I start hitting on her in front of her dad who’s smiling .I say to him “dude, seriously. What’s up with her? I’m cute, funny, got my shit together. Tell her to go on a date with me” and he’s like “it’s up to her!”


So, they get on the elevator. I stand blocking the door. There’s a bunch of people on there, and i’m like “can you people explain to this girl, this is her LAST CHANCE to give me her phone number? seriously? … she’s just giggling. And I’m like “look, look what you’re making me do. I can’t hold up this elevator forever, seriously!” … and she’s like “noooo!” and said some lame shit. I let her go.


But yeah – seriously – they love it when you do that shit. Just Leverage the social pressure to your advantage. The more you show you a) don’t give a fuck and b)You’re not affected by other people’s opinions of you the more wet they get. STOP RUNNING FROM SOCIAL PRESSURE – create it, and using it to your advantage.


IT’s fun ;)




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