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Peeing is like ejaculating

Sept 2nd

So, I used to do a bunch of PC muscle excercises. I’m fairly good at non-ejaculation at this point… so I just do ‘em occasionally. But, for some reason, this last month I’ve ALWAys been doing them when I piss. I just stop and go at least 5 times during a piss. I find it really boring to piss without flexing that shit. BORING.  Now I’m so good at it, just stopping and going isn’t enough fun… so I was sort of flexing very fast – at around the same pace one would flex during an ejaculatory orgasm. And I’ll tell you what – it felt a bit like cuming! Seriously… because that feeling of release when you let the piss go… is a bit like releasing the sperm when you bload a load. So if you really have to piss… and you piss, then stop, then relase, then stop – over and over and fast…. It sort of felt good like blowing a load. I remember thinking “this is funny, I hold in my cemen, and I’m ejaculating my piss!” hahahah

I realise very few of you are going to have any idea what I’m on about but… yea pissing is fun. Wheeeeeee !!!!


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