Overcome your social fear! Special Podcast with FreddyFairHair!

Here’s an interesting thought experiment:


Imagine what you life would be like, if you had absolutely no social anxiety of any kind.


How would you interact with new people? At parties? Would you enjoy public speaking? How many women would you have dated? What would your social circle be like?


The vast majority of men suffer from social anxiety of some kind.


Whether it’s fear of public speaking, fear of rejection, fear of meeting new people… Social anxiety holds us all back.


The sad part is – most people don’t even realize how much their fear is holding them back. They don’t realize they are being held back most of their lives.


Think you are an exception? Okay… I want you to go outside right now, and walk up to the first group of people that has at least one beautiful woman in it….. only wearing your underpants…. and then ask her for her number.


See that feeling right there? That’s social anxiety. If you didn’t have any… then you’d already be on your way to do the exercise.


I was a funny case in my journey:


Totally confident in front of huge groups doing stand up comedy – and yet absolutely terrified of speaking to just one attractive woman.


Does it make sense?


Absolutely not.


That’s what makes defeating this irrational fear tricky – irrational fears need irrational tactics!


I found what worked for me was pushing through it and getting tons of rejections – until I find out that doing wind-ups (aka social freedom exercises) was a quicker path to overcoming social anxiety.


The biggest secret I share with my clients, is that by helping them in crushing their social anxiety, they end up using their new freedom to succeed drastically in just about every other area of their lives. In many cases, it is THE MAIN THING that was holding them back.

Crazy, isn’t it?


I just interviewed another fellow YouTuber….. Somebody who had even greater social anxiety than me and overcame it by very similar methods. Some might say…. more extreme methods.


He’s known in the YouTube community as “the naked guy” as he’s put up video’s of him approaching women while.. yes….being naked! haha


If you’d like to become braver, bolder…..and life your life without social fear of any kind….. Check out the latest edition of the Sasha Daygame podcast right below.


Or, click here to find the podcast on iTunes.


Looking forward to reading the comments from all you brave souls ;)


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