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Only approach women you really like!

Today was fun – was out teaching. My students were really in good form. They didn’t need me by the end, were just running after ladies. One guy got 4 numbers. After I was done I was walking along with a friend, and just HAD to approach this stunner. I mean, she was hot. Best approach in many days. Lovely girl!

What I wanted to write about was this however.

Two days ago I did some approaches while we were filming, for the sake of it. I didn’t have my contact lenses in so I was squinting and couldn’t really tell if the girls were hot. It feels terrible to be talking to a girl you’re not into. We’re filming, so I’m like “Let’s see how direct I can be with this girl”. And it’s just brutal when you’re not feeling her. It just re-illustrated to me how important it is to be genuine in any approach. If you’re not feeling it, don’t do it.

I know it’s an obvious point, but I just want to really emphasize


It’s better to do zero approaches, than a few ones where you feel nothing for the girl – because talking to boring girls I’m not attracted to actually ruins my vibe and whole experience. Ruins it.

I’m not saying don’t talk to anyone! No – be social, be friendly. But don’t go direct on women you don’t really like, it’s like punching yourself in the teeth.

If you don’t really, really want to go and approach a woman – don’t do it. It steals your mojo!


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