Old Approach Video Shows Persistence is Key

Oh yeah! So I was just rooting through some files and I found this old video of me flirting with a lovely girl in London. It was filmed around the same time as my epic london approach marathon with almost a million views….
I have great chemistry with the girl and she *obviously* likes me… but gives me every standard girl excuse not to give me her number.
It’s hilarious. It’s like I’m doing my job trying to get it, and she’s doing her job trying to avoid giving it.
What an epic battle!
You’ll have to watch the video to see what happens…….


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  • Outland says:

    Very nice. I like how you held your end together and didn’t fold under her blah blahs. I had little moments come up in me during your convo where I thought,”Opps, that’s it, she isn’t interested.” but you kept it going.

    • sashapua says:

      I mean there’s a point when there’s no point… but you do have to stick in there a little sometimes ;)

  • dark_Angel says:

    Hey Sasha … I’ve tried exactly like you said … the girl were smiling I persisted … she eventually gave me the number but whenever I tried this and I get the number they aren’t down for a meetup .

    I’ve done this more than 10 times and I had no date from these numbers.

    I only get dates from girls who are down from the beginning.

  • daniel says:

    Your a mad man sasha!!.. lol great pickup

  • Andy says:

    Great one!


  • Alvaro says:

    Love your stupid-funny game :)

  • harshal says:

    The video is blocked in Germany. Cant watch it. :(

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