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Non escalation can be attractive

Nov 26th

I just realized something.  I went on a date the other night – girl was into me, so I was escalating, but the more I escalated the more she pulled back…. Couldn’t make out with her tho I tired.

She wants to see me again… we were talking on FB and she just said she’s had lots of sex before etc, but she just wants to get to know me and see if she lkes me, etc. Sure, no probs.

Then I was thinking about the fact that I’m already sleeping with 2 girls in London, and that I have several (maybe 4 or 5) I’m meant to meet up with next week on a day two. I realized, at this rate, I’ll soon be full. Like, I wouldn’t really have time to start sleeping with any more girls. Just, I could just fuck one randomly – but I genuinely wouldn’t have time to add another girl into my life unless I dropped one.

So, what am I saying to a girl when I escalate and try and fuck her on a day two? I’m basically saying that either a)I have no standards or b) I’m not that busy socially or c)I’ll fuck anything

All of these are terrible things

Not to get to gamey here, but by escalating you’re actually demonstrating LOWER value.  Aren’t you getting laid already? Why are you so horny? You don’t even know this girl, why do you want to fuck her?

A guy who’s already dating a couple of sexy, awesome girls isn’t just going to try and bang a girl straight away. He’s qualify and screen the SHIT out of her to make sure she’s worthy. Just like girls are doing to us.

This seems really obvious, and yet the entire community is based around trying to fuck girls as quickly as possible. I think this is kind of poisoned me. It’s not normal. What happened to getting to know people and decided if you want to have sex with them? Maybe it’s an age thing partially – but the older I get (and the more women I have around me) the more I want to actually be into someone to fuck them.  Sure if a girl’s really fucking hot and you just wanna bone her one time, fair enough.  But is just seems like the “community” message is FUCK GIRLS, FUCK GIRLS NOW!! FUCK GIRLS BEFORE THEY KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING!!

I mean, what gives? This whole concept is based on the presumption that sex is something to be “Taken” or stolen from the girl. That if they knew what we were REALLY UP TO they’d turn around and run their little asses home ASAP.

We are not stealing sex! Girls love it! They want sex! Sex is a beautiful magical thing that happens between two people!

We should be working on ourselves as people, not trying to “trick” girls into bed.

I think all the douchey AFC’s that weren’t getting laid have formed this community and taken things too far.

Isn’t meeting lots of girls and going on lots of dates enough?
It’s like they’re banging and ditching girls as some sort of revenge. Like they’re taking their anger and frustration out on women. What the fuck is that? And by doing this, you’re making it harder for the rest of us, and MAKING THE WORLD A WORSE PLACE WITH ANGRIER WOMEN – (and therefore angrier men) in it.

What goes around comes around. You treat someone like shit, they’ll treat the next person like shit.


Women aren’t the enemy. We’re just too retarded to know how to deal with them. The solution is: Learn how to deal: Don’t go overboard trying to cum across every girl you come across!

I thought to myself, I’ve been in back in London about a month, and I haven’t really met a girl I’m properly into. And you know what? That’s normal! It’s normal not have sex for a while till you meet someone you like. (What did I do? I got the first cute girl i could into bed with me straight away!) …. Chasing every hot girl you see down the street and trying to have sex with with random girls all the time …


There’s a word for people that do that: NYMPHOMANIACS!  I’m going after girls like I’m a Nymph – but I’m not a Nymph.  I actually have a regular sex drive. Sometimes I don’t even want sex at all. I’m doing it because I believe that’s what I want NOW based on my frustrations and wants PRE GAME.


I’m doing it just because “I’m a PUA” and I think that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.


Sometimes I’ll escalate and try and go to bed with girls I’m really not that into….. just to see if I can.


We’re all a bunch of fucking weirdo’s.


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