Sasha Daygame in new year's resolution are for losers

New Years Resolutions are for Losers

Yeah, if you’re making “Resolutions” It means basically you don’t have your life in order.

It’s for people who are trying to “Fix” their lives…. but if they had their s**t together they wouldn’t have to. So New Years Resolutions are for Losers.

And what happens? They “try” for a week or so, same as they tried for the rest of their lives – they give up – and they fail.

Fuck New years resolutions. How about permanent positive changes? How about LIFE solutions?

Overweight or unwell? Eat natural, organic food and you’ll get healthy. Stop eating GMO food/wheat/chemicals that are killing you.

Don’t like your job? Quit your shitty job, go crash on a buddy’s house if you must, read some books (start with 4 hour workweek) – stop accepting the reality handed to you and GO AND DO SOMETHING ELSE THAT YOU LIKE DOING. (This podcast may help!)
Need more Money? See above.

Don’t have a girlfriend? Stop sitting around watching porn, go out there and talk to girls every day till you get some results. Answers to most questions are on my youtube channel.

Shortcut: Do some coaching with professionals ;)

It’s your life. Making some promises once a year won’t get you anywhere. Who cares about New Year?

Get some good habits. Stop Settling. Get some discipline. Take some some good mindsets. Take some chances. Get some permanent long term solutions.

And have a Happy New Year ;)



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  • John Rendon says:

    A resolution should mean that you’ve resolved to fix something in your life. Although the truth is that most who start a new years resolution don’t have the resolve to stay with and complete it. They almost always give up on the resolution within a couple of weeks.

    Everyone who actually resolves to have real change in their life needs to change their daily and weekly habits. Everyone who resolves to change the habits that shape their lives certainly could have a setback, but they’ll most likely get back on track within a day or two.

    Habits are what eventually make you who you are. A resolution is something that most forget shortly after they start it.

    Forget about short term resolutions. Change your habits for long term growth.

  • Andres Poblete (@apobletev) says:

    awesome video ! if you are in Ecuador, COME down to Santiago de Chile too !!!

  • Piotrek says:

    Is it just my impression, or u Sasha got calmer, more relaxed since vipasana. The way u speak in this video makes me think, that you have a girl down there giving u a bj. Good for u!

  • Teddy says:

    When I first watched some Sasha material I thought, hey… this guy’s a twit, but after a while and especially lately I understand that Sasha is really ahead of all those “PUA” mentors and gives lessons about becoming a better real human being rather than deceiving, like others (older “gurus”) who made people think they needed to strive to be a “pua” as if becoming an undercover agent with a hidden agenda.
    Rock on Sasha.

    P.S. Please delete my previous comment as I mistakenly pressed “submit” before completing it.

  • Brian says:

    Nice video! I was just saying this to my friend after new years, before I saw this video, everyone makes resolutions and they give up, it’s better to set goals and if it fails, do it again instead of only setting promises once a year. It’s really dumb. It takes some initial failures for us to become disciplined so doing it once a year will not stick. That’s my opinion. Good info as well.

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