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Never do Lazer Eye Surgery + Remove toxins from your body!


So one of the student on my bootcamps a couple of weeks ago was a doctor brought my attention to the fact that you can cure near or farsightedness without surgery. Not only is feasible – this guy’s actually done it to over 100 people. Apparently, another doctor was doing this for years who was banished from the medical community.  He wrote a book about it, and reading this e-book is part of my homework for my treatment to get 20/20 vision.


‘obviously if this works for me, ya’ll will hear about it. For now though I’d like to explain the basics about this in order to prevent people from undergoing risky and uneccessary lazer eye surgery.


So basically – your eye is made of up six major buscles. One set is top and bottom, one set is on the sides, and I don’t remember where the 3rd set is. But it’s in there :P


So, basically what’s happening when you can’t see at 100% is this: Due to life/psychological stressful conditions, those muscles naturally tighten up.  Obviously these tight muscles are what’s causing everything to be fuzzy.  Now, when you do lazer eye surgery, you’re shaving a piece of your fucking cornia off. You can’t undo that. So imagine for a minute that those muscles one day relaxed! Your vision would be off again, but the other way – and there would be NOTHING you could do about it! So yes…. As you’ve already guessed… you CAN get these muscles to relax NATURALLY!!!!! Thereby – correctiong your vision.  Now, this may not come as a surprise to you enlightened folks, but a lot of is it psychological. It’s about believing you can see, and doing muscles to reset/strengthen your eyes/ and about finding the point in your life where some shit happened where your muscles tightened up and also… where you started to believe you couldn’t see properly.


It’s funny – I always suspected there there HAD to be a way to correct one’s vision without surgery. I mean – the human body is always striving for perfection. This I understand very well. If it oes that in every other function – immune function – muscle function – why not for your vision or hearing or anything else? Well… I’m excited. Now I just have to find the time to do my homework!


Speaking of homework: One of the things I’m supposed to do eacy morning (and yes, I HAVE been doing this) is garglic my mouth with water and spitting it out in the morning. Apparently, your body does everything it can when you sleep to exit toxins from your body. It breathes them out, literally pushing them all up you throat and out of your mouth (and also out through your pores) … so anyways, if you wake up and don’t do this, your’e swallowing all those toxins back into your system!!!!


So wake up, get some water and just gurgle and get that water up into the back of your throat. I do it 2 times for like 30 secons each time, and when you spit you can TASTE the gross shit….. it’s really disgusting and it has a kind of white colour, it’s doesn’t even look like saliva. I’m not shitt you. Try it and you’ll see.


Another guy told me a couople of months back that it’s important to have your room ventilated at night because your body breathes out toxins, and you don’t to be breathing them back in… so these 2 facts go together and that’s just added this new concept to my understanding. Pretty cool right?



Maybe I’m nuts but – I’ve been doing this just 3 days and I feel noticeably higher levels of energy. Like I’m sitting here right now and I fell happy, ready to take the world on…. More so than in the last few weeks. And I’ve just spat that water up the last 3 days. Primal diet probably helping too ;)


Ok well I’m in my RV on the way to vegas… gonna write up another article! Yay ;)


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