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My super amazing all powerful anti flake text

Oh – to the people who are asking me for the anti flake text

Screw you hippies! If you don’t have the courtesey to at least create an account so I know who’s talking to me, I’m not going to tell you my anti flake text!! Value takers!! :P

Hhehe oh ok.

This was the text

“Hey! Things are moving too fast. I’ve known you for 5 weeks and we’ve already exchange 3 text messages. Weed to slow down!!”

Just sub in how long you’ve known the girl, and how many times/types of contact you’ve had … e.g

“hey I’ve known you for 2 months and already we’ve spoken on the phone once. We have to slow down!! Things are getting out of control!” etc

Another version which I think I did on this girl was accusing her of stalking me when she’s actually just flaking..

“listen, the late night calls and constant texts have GOT to stop. This is not how you get a man!!” … it’s just standard flipping things around and teasing the girl, but phrased correctly and used at the right time it ALWAYS gets a reaction. If it doesn’t, the girl is fucking DEAD… I’ll drop girls totally if they don’t reply to this!

CHa ching!! $$$$$ ;) ;)


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