Sasha Daygame in my spiritual quest goes on

My Spiritual quest goes on…..

Alright so for any of you die hard enough to read my blog (which, we all know I don’t update very often) I’m going to have a couple of special treats in the next couple of days. Just because, I don’t really promote this. So if you’re reading this – you’re officially one of my stalkers :P

SEriously though, as ya’ll know I’m a spiritual person. I believe in re-incarnation and recently have gone off to South American and done a few Ayahuasca ceremonies. So, this post is only for those who want to track my spiritual growth etc…. i’ve created a blog just to post about my Ayahuasca journeys. It’s not all pretty – it gets pretty fucked up actually. But for those of you who care, the blog is here:

All in all – it was worth it… but holy shit – that was tough!

Next post will be of interest …. ;)


Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like.


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  • Clay says:

    Dude, I have the t-shirt too. My journey was scary as hell. It’s cool though because it opened a new door of shaman like meditation for me. I have also used peyote in spiritual quests. I think these quests made me a more whole person, and more genuine. It did help me in my pick up. Instead of using women to masturbate with, I found myself genuinely liking each and every girl that I bedded.

  • Thiago A. Moraes says:

    Hey Sasha

    Come to Brazil and meet the conscienciology.

    Watch this:

  • BigMatt says:

    I really appreciate you sharing that mate.

    It fascinates and scares me.

    I know of guys who say they have experienced ‘ego death’ while using DMT and it has fucked them up for a long time as they were not mentally ready for it.

    Your last comment about going through such a bad time because you needed to is probably very accurate, I’ve heard many say it tends to give you what you need from it.

    I know most guys are only interested in you helping them get their nuts wet, but you have had a profound effect on many areas my life and I thank you for that.


  • steve says:

    just read the blog. thanks for sharing Sasha.

  • Socialkenny says:

    As much as I prefer the old Sasha, this is actually cool. I’m very spiritual also and believe in reincarnation, so I’m with you on this journey.

  • Jack says:


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