Motivate Yourself – by Taking Action!

Hey now! ;)

So I Just got this email from a fellow…. a fellow who’s decided to start taking action with the Sasha Daygame mindset and start getting KRAZY ;)

In his little story, he basically just goes and does ONE whacky things, which changed his whole energy for the day and got him to approach a beautiful girl he NEVER would have met.

Pretty neat huh?

I’m pasting his whole message right below – so don’t blame me for spelling.

>>>Click to read Letter to Sasha Daygame<<<

I find that pretty inspirational. I mean he’s just a normal guy who’s seem my videos, and he’s taking action!

What’s YOUR excuse??

If he can get that far from watching a few of my youtube clips – It makes you wonder what kind of results one might get grabbing a copy of The Direct Daygame Bible e-book …. which has more fear busting mindsets and techniques, as well as my ENTIRE Direct Daygame System?

Yep. I’d get my arse on that pre-launch list too, if I were you…..


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Daygame Bible

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