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Most guys have zero game

Most guys have NO game.

Ok, so 2 nights ago there was a little “drinks” thing at my friend’s house I’m staying with. He only wanted me to invite chicks, so I sent out a few texts. I invited this model girl I’d been texting. She always happily replies but never seems to come out. However, this other girl I’d went on a date with aaaages ago came out with 2 friends. One of them was French and pretty cute. Probably about 24-25 with a good body and quite pretty. And she laughed at all my stupid jokes- which was the most important thing.

Anyways I was standing there chatting to the three girls – and this one guy was kinda hovering. I was actually getting a bit bored and wanted to mingle, so I grabbed him and said “hey, you entertain these girls for a while!” and he did so. I looked over a few minutes later and he’s taking to the french girl… a few minutes after that I got the “dancefloor” (aka living room) started … he drags on there and starts spinning her around and stuff!! Dope!! I found her a bit after that and was like “oh I see how it is: You chat me up, then you’re off dancing with another guy trying to make me jealous… I see how this relationship is going to go!” Anyways I get her into the hallway citing less smoke (there was less smoke… and yes, smoking was allowed at the party – GROSS!”) and after a minute or two chatting I just said “wow this sexual tension is killing me – we should just kiss and get it over with” and just didn’t say anything, or move… she just looked at me. So, I went in and we made out. Ooh she’s a good kisser!

I make a joke about making sweet love to her in my friend’s bedroom but people keep going in and out of there…. During a quiet spell she says “oh, were you doing to show me something in there” … jeez – are all French girls like that? Fantastic!!

Anyways there’s no f’ing lock on the door and it would have been terribly rushed etc so I didn’t really go for the lay… but I took her in there and molested her a bit and made out. Good times!

Shorty after this, her friends gather round us in the hallway and are about to take off. Then, I feel like 2-3 guys hovering around as I say goodbye and kiss her some more. They just kinda stood around hovering as the girls put their coats on… it was obvious they wanted something. They really wanted to do SOMEthing – get their numbers or some shit. But they didn’t – they just stood around, twidding their thumbs. Thing is, I’d have done the same same thing pre game. Jeez. I’ve come a long way!

Nobody at the party got anywhere, except me and my friend – who made out with this one girl who had fantastic breasts.

Anywho – I text the girl, she texts back and wants to meet up next week. The next night (last night) we’re surfing thru the content on my buddies hard drive. He’s got “keys to the vip” and we decide to watch and episode or two for a laugh.

I’m sure you all know what the shows about – 2 guys going head to head with pickup challenges in a club…. And the show is filmed in my hometown of Toronto.

The guys in the show are absolutely terrible. I mean, laughably bad. No, not laughably bad, cringeworthy. I had a pillow over my face like like a girl watching a horror movie! Their game consisted of

Walking up to girls and offering them drinks

Coming up to them and telling them a terrible joke

Going for the phone number straight away (maybe this was bad editing, in that they just CUT to where the guys ask for the number – I can’t be sure)

The list went on and on. MOST GUYS HAVE ZERO GAME. ZERO

I’m just I’ve written this in a post before, but it’s really hit me in the last couple of days.

If you have EVEN A MODICUM of game – you are WAY ahead of the normal guy. I think that’s my point here – you don’t need to go and learn shitloads of stuff. Just get the basics down and you should do fine. Even if you just have the core concepts down: Non-neediness, adding value, not being creepy, and maybe just being a little bit socially calibrated … (and you manage to open) then you can destroy most guys out there. (Of course, the naturals will destroy you, but most guys aren’t naturals, are they?) I wonder what %age of guys actually ARE naturals? Anybody ever wonder that? One in ten? One in twenty? Anyone want to hazard a guess?

The above statement is only valid under the precondition that you don’t have any massive internal belief issues. If you’re a normal guy, and you learn just bit of game, you can destroy a normal guy that doesn’t know about game. But, if you have confidence issues or some other inner game issues (and if you’re in the community, there’s a pretty good chance you do!) then you’ll still have less success than quite a few normal guys (but may still have more success than others)

I still find it difficult to digest how just clueless most guys are. I guess being in the community does that to you. But really – if anyone out there wants a little confidence boost – go and watch “Keys to the VIP” and you will have one. No wonder Cajun got so much PR after being on that show – he had more game than anyone by a huuuge degree.

This was a pointless rant, lol. I feel better tho anyways. Someone messaged me saying I should put up more of my pickups – but I’d put so many of those up in the past, getting some digits don’t me shit anymore so I’m not that excited about it – but I’ll endeavor to stick up some more interactions…

Oh yea – the Hungarian was over a few nights ago… I managed to get her clit in my mouth for a few seconds, but she kept stopping me. She was saying stuff like “hey, it’s so different that you still called me after I told you we’re never going to have sex” … haha. There’s actually a couple of things I can do here: But I think I’ll stick with just being her friend and letting her come to me for sex when she decides it’s what she wants. That feels the best. Then again, I may try and get her really horny and sleep with her. We’ll see…

I can just have her as a female friend I semi-molest. Haha. That’s fine.

That, or I’ll get my dick out next time we’re fooling around. Definitely one of those two…


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