Sasha Daygame in mode one baby

Mooooooooooooode Oneeeeee baby

hahaha I’m pretty sure all my titles are going to be like that for the next two months.



Went a combination of Mode One on this girl I’ve met once before.   Just saying shit like
“You need to get laid. Let me help you”
“WE should exchange orgasms sometime”
and just all kinds of other sexual shit. I just wasn’t holding back.
etc etc… and I was throwing in the whole Johnny Soporno “Women aren’t sluts for fucking – we’re all meant to have sex and enjoy it – jealousy destroys all monogamous relationships / we should be friends and fuck like bunnies
She loved it. I feel I could have closed, but I’m seeing My Bulgarian girl tomorrow and I’m not horny enough to do shit back to back lol.
She texts me “Hi, thank you for a drink, it was great spending time with you and getting to know you, your amazing guy, look forward to see you soon”
Fuck I wanna try some specific action directed compliment Alan taught me… like “Your abs are so hot… I could lick’em all night” (that would be mine – I got ab fetish lol)
Occurs to me: Girls you KNOW would be great to practise saying really dirty ass shit to. This girl likes me already, easier to tell her I wanna pin her down and fuck the shit out of her than… some random. May try it heh
Then, near the tube I open one hottie
“Hi, Dont’ panic, but you look fucking amazing. When can we hang out? Friday or Saturday?”
She smiles and says “oh, I’m only 16!”
I say “You look like 19….. Can we pretend you’re 19? …. Just kidding”
I walk off… she says “But thanks!!”
I wanted to get home, didn’t do any more sets (didn’t see any good ones)
Then, I got this text 2.5 hours ago
“Hey! You landed in front of me in Covent Garden last Saturday. Not sure if it’s good or bad, but you kind of stuck in my mind. Fancy meeting up some day? (Lithuanian Girl)
On this girl, I remember saying she was hot… don’t remember the rest of the interaction so not sure how mode 1 I was. I totally forgot to call her though lol.
Can’t wait to do more……………
Who wants to join me? Try some Mode one shit, let us know how it goes ;)


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