Sasha Daygame in a bar

Mooooode one (in a bar)

My friend 22nd birthday yesterday, we went to this bar in Central.

I Tried to grab one girl to go direct but she wasn’t having it – her husband was sitting just at the table nearby!

Grabbed one red head who has a cute face but ultimately was bigger than I liked. Nevertheless…. she said “oh, I already made out with one of your friends” and I said “it’s ok, I don’t wanna make out, I wanna fuck”

and she said “Ok, I’ll come find you if I wanna fuck” and I said “cool”

Later she molested me on the dance floor. she was too drunk too so…. i was doubly not interested

Funnest thing all night was this… I was mucking about dancin etc with these 2 cute yet slightly chubby girls who were friends with the birthday boy. (He’s on here, dunno if he checks his account, I think he’s retired) ….. for a laugh i was biting them like i was a vamp.

after that, there were 2 cuties and i just walked up and said “hey do you guys believe in vampires” and one girl was like “what?” and then i just suck my teeth into her neck. bwahahaha. she was like freaking out, but in a few way. then some dude came up to her like “wtf?” and I ran off, laughing. Came back later, didn’t see ’em Sad

Oh yeah, came up to one cute tiny oriental girl… she IMMEDIATELY backed off… so i was like “whoa relax! i only wanted to ask… are you here with your boyfriend?” and she said “yea I have a boyfriend” so I left it.

Her body language was really anti-being approached. In retrospect I think she was just getting a lot of attention and had her barriers up.

Clubs are still gay, but I had a good time dancing!

the vampire thing is awesome, forgot about that hahaha!! good fun


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