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Mode one Daygame & Bargame

Oct 7th

Went out with some guys from my lair, was fun! It was meant to be “Mode one night” where we all do direct shit. Couple of my students came out, was awesome to see them. And one new kid who kept asking me “Does speed seduction work? What about MM? What about Meehow?” I was trying to explain he doesn’t need anything other than going out, and meeting people, and being social but I just wasn’t getting through.

My mate who was there pointed out “He didn’t quite get the purpose of the event” which was poignant.

Very first set was a very hot oriental/british girl. amazing body and face. Went mode one

“Hey, you are fucking sexy– how about we get together next week and get to know each other?”

She was just being a bit shy and stuff. I accused her of being a player etc etc and she was like “noooooooo!!!!!”

Genuinely, she wasn’t used to being approached. She tried to take my number, I was like “nah just we’ll swap, I’m already stalking 2 girls I don’t have time for another”(one of my old school classic lines, hehe)

Texted her 15 mins after she got on the bus

“Hey, miss me yet? So, how about Sunday night for a cup of tea around 8pm. (location)

Hb “Ha ha. I think you miss me! I’m actually going to be in (location) for lunch that day, can we make it earlier?

BOOM! Going by mode one, I didn’t do any fluff talk, just arranged to meet up and that’s it. I’ll send her a little text over the weekend just to keep it going

There were a bunch of good sets where I was just like “Hey, don’t panic– but I just had to say, you’re fucking gorgeous / really sexy / really hot / how about we meet up and get to know each other some time

And, a whole bunch were like “awww, I have a boyfriend!”and some were like “no!”– but many were like “Ahhh that’s so sweet, but I’m seeing somebody. They were all happy.

Did one set in this bar “Hey, you’re really sexy– blah blah” she was all “aww, thank you!” – asked her if she had a BF, bit of small talk, then just asked if she wants to link up in the week. Called her mobile from mine, done.

Oh, cycling home I pulled up to a girl and matched her all the way to near my house. She’s a dorky researcher. Cute.  Had a bit of a chat, told her she was cute early on but we just got to chatting…the when we stopped to say goodbye we actually had an interesting chat. I said I’d email her that thing about the cure for cancer– after I got her email I was like “Sooooo how long since you’ve had a boyfriend” and she said “that’s a bit personal” and I said “come on, I’m open!”and she said “6 months ago”and I said “you must be gagging for it!”


I then said “look, let’s go off on a little sexy time adventure tonight” and she said “not tonight, I gotta work tomorrow!” and I said “aahh, so how about next week?” and she said “email me!”

I wasn’t that into her, but – I shoulda pushed for it then. Why not? Just to see if it was possible. Bleh. Next time.

So– yeah. No harsh blowouts– 2 #’s– one from a girl I consider very hot. We’ll see. We’ll see.

The hot one– if I had to describe her reaction in 2 words it would be flattered and flabbergasted.  That’s normal I think. Or “scared and running”hahahah

It’s all good. Mooooooooooooooode one baby!

Shit, I didn’t try an “action orientated”compliment like Alan had taught me. I’ll try this weekend. Something really direct like “You have an amazing body, I can see myself just licking your stomach for hours”

Ooh yea. I actually want to see if I can get slapped ;)


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