Sasha Daygame in marlon brando

Marlon Brando is the ultimate PUA!

I just saw this movie called “The wild one” with Marlon Brando.

Holy shit. First of all, I’m not gay or anything but… Marlon Brando is HOT!!

Ok, just had to get that out of way. Next point. THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS SO ALPHA IT’S UNBELIEVABLE.

You can learn more about game by watching this guy walk around than be reading any e-book. This guy is sick!!!

The way he walks. The way he talks. He just oozes confidence. He just oozes sex. MARLON BRANDO IS SEX.

One scene, he’s just standing there as it’s all kicking off. Even thought he’s the leader – he’s just totally chilled letting people yell and make a ruckus. Then he walks over there as cool as fuck – and says what’s he’s got to say. And that’s it. He doesn’t have to yell to put across a point. Why would he? He’s the man and he’s totally comfortable with himself in ever way.

His frame is 100% Unbreakable!

He never gets his panties in a knot. He’s just the shit and nothing phases him. LOOK AT HIS BODY LANGUAGE! JESUS. It’s perfect. PERFECT.

Look how calm he walks around. Holy shit.

The scene where he takes the girl on the bike, grabs her, kisses her, and then immediately tells her he doesn’t want anything to do with her. HOLY PUSH-PULL batman! Amazing.

This movie should be standard viewing for ALL MEN!


p.s – Nothing actually happens in the movie people just run around in circles – it’s pretty pointless. I watched it with a girl and we were taking the piss the whole movie. But even the girl was like “Jesus he’s so fuckin alpha.” She actually said “He’s an asshole but I’d fuck him and his gang to get to him.”

Ok, He’s Marlon Brando. Fair enough. But still… it’s not just his looks! It’s everything!

She make a little horny groan sound for the first half of the movie every time a scene came on with Brando in the shot. I started doing it too – haha.

Fuck – But I loved it. I gotta watch it again.


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