Man Lessons 1: Code of Honour


Seems these days It’s almost out of fashion to be a man’s man.

I don’t mean a guy who watches sports and gets drunk – that’s a looser in my world.

I’m talking about old school style men. Sean Connery. Marlon Brando. James Dean.

See – being a man used to be GOOD. You could be proud of it. It meant something.

Men had honour. They had Strength. They got respect.

And today? The only time men approach women is when they’re totally wasted – or don’t talk to them at all. Many would prefer to play video games – or just watch T.V.

I think this video sums it up perfectly:

Well, I have some ideas on what makes a man a MAN – because I went from being to a complete wuss to being … SASHA DAYGAME ;)

So I’m starting a series of video’s titled “MAN LESSONS!” — and yes — there are going to be quite few video’s in the series……

Here’s the first.

I talk about how you must know what you stand for and have a personal “Code of honour” — without that there can be no manliness of any kind. Enjoy.

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