Are You Making Divine Love or Just SEX?! [New Podcast]

So all of us guys are tricked into thinking that just getting your end away into some beautiful woman is the END GOAL of any “romantic endeavour.”


You got laid! You scored!! You’re a winner!!!


Nothing could be further from the truth. Lots of guys “get laid” and yet they still have miserable sex lives AND ARE STILL NEEDY and un-able to actually get a girlfriend.


I know, weird huh? PUA does that to you! Hah!


So… You’ve heard me speak about tantric sex before … but there are many, many layers of depth to this fascinating topic.


Yes – You can withhold ejaculations, last way longer, and have multiple orgasms in one sex session. (Yep, it’s pretty good!)


BUT: If you are actually interested in personal and spiritual development….. the tantric path can lead you to connect deeply not only with your sexual partner, but discover things about yourself that are crucial to your development…. and it can also connect you do the divine.


That’s right. SEX can lead to spiritual enlightenment!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???


So here’s what I’ve done for ya – I’ve gone off and done an epic podcast with a couple that have been GOING AT IT (the, tantric path, that is) for over 20 years. And as you can imagine….. they had a lot to say.


Very…. Interesting…. Stuff, indeed.


So what are you waiting for?


Enjoy the podcast!!


Your pal,


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