Reality Check! w/ Luke Rudkowski Podcast

The podcast returns!


In this one, I interviewed a *very* special guest… Mr Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange.Org


Luke is a great example of what happens when you defy the odds, and pursue your passion relentlessly!


Can you imagine the reaction he’d have gotten if he’d have asked people’s opinions on whether he should have become a vigilante journalist? Taking on some of the world’s most powerful elites? Reporting on what ZERO percent of the mainstream media talk about?


People would say: “Don’t even bother kid. It’s impossible!”


And yet – here he is. Bringing out the truth. Day in, day out.




In this podcast we cover:

  • Amazing things will happen if you live your passion.
  • Mainstream media’s influence is starting to fade. People are sharing what’s really happening in their own point of view.
  • You can change things if you change your way of thinking and by getting into a good state of positivity. You can change your physical and mental being with just the power of your mind.
  • The importance of embracing your imperfections and work it to your advantage.
  • The need to let go of your inner fear.
  • The need to discover your authentic self, and how you will awaken from the matrix and realize your potential.
  • Your worse enemy is yourself. You actually create your own bad heath or illness based on your thought patterns

All in all – we go DEEP


This is one of those podcasts that (if you really listen) can change who you are, what you do, and how you think.


This podcast is the real deal.


Enjoy, + leave comments!



Peace… See you in the comments.




ALSO: Luke Rudkowski will be joining me and a TON of other amazing speakers at this September’s Infinite Man Summit in London, UK. Ticket deals and further info is right here.


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