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LR: Hot Body Hungarian

Lr Hot-body-Hungary

Ok, so this is a nice example of “minimal game” — I was leaving our usual Budapest Venue after having finished coaching as well as my personal approaches …. There’s 2 girls eating these pizza fold-over things.

I just crouch down, and stare at them as they eat….until their start laughing. I notice one of them is cute, but that’s she’s going to have an amazing body….. I open my mouth and wait till the cute one feeds me. She doesn’t at first so I joke around about it and eventually she lets me have a bite. Yay! (compliance – for you pua nerds :P)

At this point, I just get really sexual. I’m saying all sorts of filth like

“hey, you should come home with me. Like right now, seriously”
“I’m good in bed AND I’ve got a big dick – what more do you want?”
“Listen, you know, and I know you want to fuck me tonight. Let’s go!”

just all sorts of cocky direct shit. She doesn’t deny it so I just assume she’s interested. I can kinda just tell anyways.

Obviously she’s not going to ditch her friend for some dick…….

I walk away just to see her reaction but she doesn’t do anything ☹

I go back and say “well take my number just in case u wanna meet, u got 2 days till I leave town!”

20 minutes later, from home I text her my standard “Miss me yet?”

HB Body says “yes yes”

Sasha “So come over – (address)

HB Body “I’m in xyz location. Coming?”

Sasha “There’s only 1 key to our flat, if I leave my friends won’t be able to get in! Let’s have a drink here! :)

—- note: this message is important. I didn’t just say “no, you come here” – I gave her a logistical reason that made sense. As it happens James had just returned so I could have went – but I’m not interested in going back out and then “trying” to convince her. She’s in or she’s out – My intentions are clear. She wants it or she doesn’t.

HB body “Well I have 2 keys ☺ but battery is over uyuy

Sasha “Meet me downstairs in 10 minutes” (address) O.K?

 again, giving a clear course of action – including the address AGAIN (girls are stupid) and trying to get confirmation

HB Body “!”

I have no idea what that means, I just text

“Yes or no!?”

She says “comn boy”

That fucked me – really wasn’t sure, but James figured it meant she was coming. Some confusion later, she eventually turns up, we go to her place, and a long rampage of a sex session insues.

Naked – she has one of those catwalk model bodies. Just perfect with those fucking perky tits, great ass – totally flat stomach. Yikes!!

I asked her If I could unload in her mouth and she gave me… a fantastic oral experience!

I realized tonight the sex order I usually do SUCKS compared to

what I did tonight.

Usually I finger/oral on a girl till she has at least 1 orgasm,
then I demand a blowjob, then I fuck them

BUT- in this case, I fingered her, then had sex, THEN asked for a
blowjob. This made for a much better experience – I lasted longer
than usual being less excited (as there was no blowjob) … and
then could really enjoy the blowjob after sex because – i’d
already had an non-ejaculatory orgasm during sex.

Fuck yeah. Way, way better. Like holy shit!!!! (yes, I get excited
during blowjobs) ;)

Anyways moral of the story… and yes, these are the 5 ingredients:

1)Have fun
2)Be clear about your intentions (Filth optional)
3)Don’t give a fuck about outcome
4)Work Logistics (And always get CORRECT number)
5)LEAD (Because assuming she wants sex = WINNING) ;)

Job done.

Go eurotour!!!! ;)


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