Podcast: Love Cures All?

Hey dude. I just recorded an EPICLY DEEP podcast.


In it, I talk about some huge changes I’ve gone through myself that involved opening up my heart after suffering for AGES. (Yes, in PUA terms you’d say I had one-itus.)


I’d been holding back from loving fully, and comparing my (amazing) relationship to a past one.


Dumb dumb dumb.


But I realized:  IT’S ALL LOVE BABY!


All love – every connection you have with everyone is UNIQUE…. there’s no LIMIT to love.


There never was.


… and things are good.


Also, my guest it a very cool guy called Phillip. Phillip was a competitive weight lifter, but discovered he had cancer RIGHT before a major competition. What follows is a brutal story where he faced death, and eventually overcame that it (and changed his life TOTALLY!)


This one is emotional. FOR REAL.


If you’ve ever suffered, or are suffering…. because of love, or just because you can’t control the thoughts in your head – you NEED to listen to this podcast.
P.s Definitely comment – would love to hear what u think! ;)


Additional P.S – I’ll be talking about all this in DEPTH at the upcoming Direct Dating Summit in ACAPULCO….. Get your tickets and get your ass down there!!!



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