Life is like Tantric Sex

I get a lot of questions about tantric. I’m no expert – in fact I’ve only been doing the most basic technique for many years – controlling my ejaculation.


But I can tell you this:  The difference between having normal sex, and having an experience where you consciously hold back orgasm, controlling it so that you avoid ejaculation altogether (or only do so when you choose) is HUGE. It’s like way more intense, more fun, and you have way longer sessions of sex…. And without the post ejaculation comedown. (I sleep HOUR extra the next day – it’s not good!)


Now here’s my point:

It takes effort to not ejaculate, and it takes effort to work on the muscles, breathing and WILLPOWER needed to develop that ability to not just “blow your load” right away.


It’s not easy – but the BENEFITS are huge. In fact, much bigger than the effort required.


And yet – most people take the easy road. Then “fuck” for 5-10-20 – maybe 30 minutes if they’re lucky and then BOOM! Nap time.


Even though they KNOW it’s possible, I’ve referenced it before, there’s books about it, podcasts about it, seminars about it …. Who’s actually doing it? Very few people.


And that my friends is why Tantric sex is a lot like life.


There’s a lot more awesomeness to be had if you put the work in.


Most people don’t.


Nobody’s going to put a gun to your head and say “Flex your PC muscles and stop pissing every time you pee or I’m gonna blow your head off”


It’s YOUR responsibility to put in the work, to get the result.


Make a habit of it and see where your life takes you ;)


Speaking of tantric I read a great book on it recently which was not only entertaining but quite practical. I’ll film a video review soon for ya, but it’s called “The Rocky Horror Tantra Book” by Sw. A. Rahasya. Grab a copy!



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