Knowledge ISN’T Power!

“Knowledge is power.”


It’s one of those expressions that goes around a lot, isn’t it?


But – I think it’s crap. And I’ll tell you why…


Because the vast majority of people that get some knowledge, don’t DO anything about it.


Example: I do talks all over the world. I speak about various topics, sometimes for just an hour (and sometimes WAY longer!) I even did a talk in Korea!


I remember one I did in Germany near Stuttgart. Easily one of the best I’d ever done. Ever.


In that talk I pretty much broke down exactly what you need to do to destroy your fears and take life by the balls.


How many people do you think actually went out and started crushing it, after that?


5% of people that were there? 10%?


I guarantee you it was around 3%.


You know why?


Because information without action isn’t worth shit.


Without action, just having the information in your head is a waste of space.


Allow me to illustrate with a story:


There’s an old story about Sun Tsu (yeah, the guy from the Art of War).


He had received information that a much more powerful army was approaching his position. He had only a small force, and would lose the town for sure.


You know what he did? He told all the men to leave town, and put a chair in the middle of the city and just sat down.


When the enemy army arrived, the opposing general walked over to Sun Tzu and asked him, “Where is your army? What’s going on?”


And Sun Tsu replied “No, there is no army here…the city is yours to take” and just smiled.


The general became paranoid, and convinced himself that it must be some kind of a trap. Surely the great Sun-Tsu would not give up the town so easily!


He ordered an immediate retreat!


You see – Sun Tsu had the knowledge that the enemy was coming. But if he had just done nothing…the enemy would have come in, slaughtered his army and taken the town.


So he used that knowledge and created a trap – he knew his reputation would never allow the enemy general to believe he’d give up the town.


Acting on his knowledge, and creating a simple yet powerful plan… led him to victory against overwhelming odds.


He defeated thousands of men – alone – just by applying one piece of information, and then taking action.


Funny that.


So I’ll say it again:


Information without action is useless.


Keep that in mind for all your endeavors.


…And you too shall defeat your enemy ;)


(Especially if that enemy is a part of yourself you need to conquer.)


Till next time,


– Sasha


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